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    Identify and plan for project risks


    by debate ·

    Is risk management part of your organization’s project management methodology? Does your organization develop contingency plans to address identified risks? Share your comments about practicing risk management, as discussed in the Dec. 9 Healthcare IT e-newsletter.

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      Should be the first step in every project

      by dc_guy ·

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      Far too many projects are launched on an executive whim, or because no one has the guts to say No to the end users. Being able to say, “Based on past experience, this project has a 90 percent chance of failing (or of a ruinous budget or schedule overrun),” douses this flame of irrationality with the cold water of reality. Any executive who signs off on a project with that risk analysis on its front page a second time will be explaining his decision at the next board meeting.

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      Identify and Plan For Project Risks

      by jcallahantx ·

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      The earlier you begin to identify and plan for risks to the project, the better off you are. Project risk identification, planning, and overall management must be an integral part of your project methodology. Identifying a risk may influence not just the outcome of your project but the approach taken throughout the project. Estimating the probability of a risk occurring and its impact if it does occur, may determine whether you develop an application in-house or purchase it off-the-shelf.

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