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    Identify rootkits on your UNIX system


    by debate ·

    Have you checked your UNIX system for rootkits? What did you find? Are Tripwire and chkrootkit included in your security toolbox? Share your comments about identifying rootkits on your UNIX system, as discussed in the Dec. 22 Internet Security Focus e-newsletter.

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      New to Unix

      by danlm ·

      In reply to Identify rootkits on your UNIX system

      I am new to Unix, and have installed freebsd on my second machine to teach myself it. I read all of these articles with special intrest because I am trying to do a number of various things with freebsd(have installed samba, apache, and ncftp.). This specific article has special intrest to me due to the fact that I know I have installed things that can be exploited like I listed above. Also, I know that the intial install that I performed with freebsd has alot to be desired, so by reading these articles I look for various tips on things to improve on the upcomeing reinstall of it.
      I am looking forward to the article on how to handle any intrusions that you mentioned may be detected with ckrootkit and tripwire.
      You wouldnt happen to be planning any articles on mail servers soon, and the proper way to set them up???? Ive been thinking of installing one for a couple of various reasons(filter spam, review e-mail in non windows environment, and just to better manage my e-mail.

      Dan Miller

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