Identifying the college based on the .edu email address

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Mapping a school to an email address
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Suppose that I have a login page where users need to enter their email addresses. The email addresses will only have a .edu domain name extension.

I was wondering if there was a way for me to figure out what college the user went to based on his/her email address? I know the manual way is to simply copy/paste the ending of their email address. For example: - I would manually type the '' into the URL address bar and figure out what school it is.

However, this is very arduous, and there are 2000 colleges in the USA. I'm more interested in a user experience like this:

user types in ""

COLLEGE: populates automatically with: Eastern Mississippi State College

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might need to build your own database

by databaseben In reply to Identifying the college b ...

unfortunately, there is no automated methodology available for this task. what you would have to end up doing is building your own data base / table of colleges, whereas one of the columns will have the email extension / abbreviation for the college and the next column will have its full name.

then use that table to execute a lookup of the email address extension.

perhaps, such a table already exists at the department of education or by

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Not sure what you are asking

by robo_dev In reply to Identifying the college b ...

In general, if you have a data entry form on a web page, it is possible to have a combo-box with a lookup table linked to it. This is commonly used for entering the state here in the US, such that you can simply select texas on the list.

Since the data entered in a web form is not yet on the only is on the page in the user's web browser, it's not possible to extract information from the user's data input, because there is typically only one 'submit' action on the page.

Therefore, it may be possible to fill a combo box with 2000 colleges to choose from, or it may be possible in the backend server database to do some query to figure out what college all the emails came from, but you cannot do that on a login page.

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