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    Identity theft


    by jevalles ·

    The news regarding more and more identity theft cases is something that worries me everyday I go online. Last year a keystroke recording program in my home PC really scared me. I know nothing about MAC’s but considering the vulnerability of my PC, I’m debating about buying one for my house use . What do you think my security level will be using an Apple as compared to my Windows XP PC?

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      biggest threat

      by jdclyde ·

      In reply to Identity theft

      isn’t going on-line.

      You are more likely to have someone take your information when you pay for a meal with a credit card than you are while surfing.

      Get a hardware firewall, apply your patches, update and run your AV every few days, update and run your spyware/malware scanner every few days.

      Load and use FireFox as your browser.

      Don’t use AOL.

      Turn on viewing file extentions, and never open an attachment that your not expecting.

      Don’t let your kids use p2p on your system AT ALL.

      Don’t let your kids go to game cheat sites. (they load malware and trojans)

      Don’t run the system as Administrator.

      A few easy tips that will save you a few thousand and keep you reasonably safe.

      Better yet, get a bootable linux version that runs off the cd without an install, and use THAT for your browsing. That or run a program like VMware and run an OS in that, so your real system can’t get attacked.

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      ohhhh myyyyyy

      by nazil dsouza ·

      In reply to Identity theft

      hey dude………. people around trying to crack your box is commom its like people robbing in the streets it cant be stopped no matter how big the police force is….. so whether sittin with an apple box or a microsoft box is no big difference hehehe

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