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IE 32 bit will not open on Vista 64 bit

By A D 4 ·
After weeks of searching and even joining the Microsoft support forum, I have been able to get dozens of testimonials from people with the same problem, yet no one has offered a viable solution. I have Vista Home Premium 64. This comes with IE32 & IE64 versions. I can open the IE64 version and surf freely. However, this is limited due to the inability to install Flash and other software. When I attempt to open IE32, I am unable to connect. I have checked the firewall to make sure both versions are allowed. I have tried with IE7 & IE8. I have tried with and without Symantec, AVG, and Avast. I have tried both IE and Firefox. The end result is that IE or Firefox 32 will not open. The problem with this is twofold: first, IE 64bit is not compatable with many programs, especially anything requiring Flash. Second, IE 32 bit is the default browser, so any time an auto update or security check occurs, the system will not connect. Finally, IE64 bit is not allowed as a default browswer, no matter how limited its capabilities.....It seems like I am unable to access the Programs (86x) files all together. Does anyone know how to resolve this problem on VISTA so I can access both IE 32 bit and IE 64 bit, as Microsoft originally claimed was possible? I may have to bite the bullet and revert back to XP or wait until the masses have had time to review the new Windows7. I always heard that VISTA was a piece of crap, but I decided to give it a try anyway. I should have listened........

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i honestly don't know what the issue could be

by PurpleSkys In reply to IE 32 bit will not open o ...

i run vista 64 bit with IE8 64 (i believe, if it's 32, then it's still running fine)...i run Avast for A/V...this is a relatively new machine so i don't know if that makes a difference of not...I would be quite interested in seeing if there's a resolution to your issue as well.

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