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My question is 2 fold:
1- I have over 10,000 read messages in my outlook express inbox!!! I need to save these.
How can I transfer the entire inbox contnts to another folder & also to a Zip disk???

2 - Then how do I delete most of the older e-mails?I do not want to delete all of the folder so select all & delete is not an option!So far I have only been able to select one at atime to transfer to another folder.

HELP from over flowing inbox!!

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by TheChas In reply to IE 5.5 INBOX

This site has links to a number of programs that can assist you.

One simple way to backup your mail files is to copy the .dbx files.

In your user folder,
(W9 (Windows\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook Express\{a string}\
there will be a .dbx file for each OE folder plus 1 more .dbx file that stores the list of folders.


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by carlos.nino In reply to IE 5.5 INBOX

To copy the contents to another folder in a fast way, create a new folder in Local Folders in Outlook Express and select it, then cose OE and go to where it is located (if you right click on the mailbox, it will tell you where it is stored). Copy the original file (you will see that files have the actual folder names) somewhere else. Rename that one with the name of the new folder ( the one you created in OE) and move it to the riginal folder where the dbx are, overwriting the existing one (it should be about 74 Kb big).
To copy it to your Zip drive use the regular procedure you would use as for any file, or copy the file again into the zip drive.

To delete many messages in OE, select one, scroll as much as you like/need and with the shift key pressed, click on another mesage. That should select all the messages between the first one you selected and the second one.
To delete them permanently, hold shift key and press delete and say yes to the confirmation window. If you do the same without pressing shift, OE will just move them to the ?Deleted Items? folder.

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