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IE 6 Problem on Windows 2000

By npcleere ·
Interesting problem. I have 3 PCs connected to a broadband router for internet access. 1 Windows 200 machine cannot browse the internet in Ie6.

I tried the following:

1. Checked DNS NAme Resoultion ..ok
2. Checked DHCP Information ...ok
3. Ran Tracert to a website ..ok.
4. nslookup test ..ok
4. Ran Virus Check ..ok.
5. Ran SpyBot .. ok.

Any SUggestions woud be VERY welcome.

Thank You

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by jschein In reply to IE 6 Problem on Windows 2 ...

go into the i.e. properties... ensure you do not have automatically detect settings and the proxys is BLANK.

If you DNS #'s are right and the above is correct, it should work. If not, can you ping other pc's? Do you have a DHCP address or not?

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by jschein In reply to

have you tried a third party web browser or removing completely your IE on that system with something like IE Eradicator, rebooting and re-installing it?

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by npcleere In reply to IE 6 Problem on Windows 2 ...


The IE properties are blank. I can ping all the PCs. The PC gets it's IP address, DNS Servers INFOR and gateway information from the Routers DHCP server and it works fine. DNS is working correctly because I can run nslookups from the PC + tracert. Also the Firewall is not blocking outbound http requests from the LAN and the offending PCs IP address is not blocked. Quite a puzzle isn't it!!

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by TechRevelation In reply to IE 6 Problem on Windows 2 ...

A few other items to look at will be the following:

Tools > Internet Options >
Clear Cache
Under the Security Tab > Make sure all zones are at the default settings

Also, you might want to check with the router. Some routers (I know linksys does this for sure) have settings where you can require certain software to be properly running on a computer in order for it to access the internet. This might not be the issue here based on what you described above, but might be something you want to take a look at also.

Hope this helps...

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by TechRevelation In reply to

forgot this too....

You might want to check your network settings using IPCONFIG /ALL on the computers that work and the computer that doesn't work... I have noticed sometimes in my past work with several networks that I have worked with similar to yours that if one item is incorrect, it can cause certain things to not work...

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by sri7677 In reply to IE 6 Problem on Windows 2 ...

Try this
Check the gateway properly assigned or not.
I hope U might know where gateway to be configured.

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