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IE 6 SP1 -- more stable...less buggy?

By lls ·
Is Internet Explorer 6, Service Pack 1, better than when IE 6 first came out?? I installed IE 6 a while ago and had all kinds of problems. So glad I kept the original IE 5 to revert back to.

Now, I still have IE 5.01, and I'm trying to decide if it's safe to upgrade to 6 since I can no longer get v5.5 .


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by Joseph Moore In reply to IE 6 SP1 -- more stable.. ...

IMHO, IE6SP1 is more stable than IE6 was. I also had problems with IE6, and I think that SP1 has helped.

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by lls In reply to

I installed IE6 SP1, and had similar problems as before. Mainly with Outlook Express 6. It consistently crashes upon first launch, and I have to end task and relaunch it. The cursor disappears when checking for mail, and it never comes back unless I end task.

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by TheChas In reply to IE 6 SP1 -- more stable.. ...

It depends on the version of Windows that you are running and your video card.

IE 6 created a memory leak on my W98 box with a 3dfx Voodoo 5 video card.
SP 1 was even worse.
I recently wiped the hard drive and re-installed W98 stopping at IE 5.5 SP2, and the PC is running better than it has since I first installed IE6.

On my XP box, I don't believe there was much of a performance difference between the 2 versions of IE6.

If you are running W98 or Me, make sure that you can get a current driver for your video card.

There are similar problems with Office XP on older systems.

For that matter, you can have problems with older video cards and the DirectX 9b update.

Short answer, if the latest driver for your video card is over 2 years old, you may still be better off with IE 5.5 SP2 than with IE6.


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by lls In reply to IE 6 SP1 -- more stable.. ...

Where can I find IE 5.5? My pc dual boots between Win ME and Win 2K, primarily using 2K. Only leaving ME in place to use older programs.

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