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IE 6 very slow

By akb_wong ·
Win2000, I have recently run a spyware removal tools, and make some registry changes, ever since then, IE6 is reponding very slowing.
It take a long time to load the default home page.
Need advice

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by sgt_shultz In reply to IE 6 very slow
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by donmars In reply to IE 6 very slow

Are you running dialup, dsl, cable or what? How much memory do you have? Have you done a complete virus check with a very recently updated scanner? What registry changes did you make? Are you running IE6 with service pack 1? If not get it upgraded. Are there other apps running in background? Have you checked with your ISP?

Try this, run Regedit and go to:

Highlight the {D6277990-4C6A-11CF-8D87-00AA0060F5BF} Value and delete it: right-click on it -> select Delete -> click OK.
This Registry change takes effect immediately.
Just start MS IE while connected to the internet to see the difference. Also Go to Tools | Internet Options|Connection and make sure that the box for "Automatically detect settings" is unchecked for both Dial Up settings and LAN settings. Uncheck both even if you do not use one.
If you have an unused network card, disable it in system applet.
Keep in mind that it could be something (router on internet) that is bogging everything down. Open a command line, CMD from the run box, and type tracert. You can see the response time of all the routers/hops that you go through to get to a particular page. You see response times in the 200 to 500ms range for the first three hops up, but when when you hit the fourth, BAM! There is a wall at 1300 ms. Your connection is ok three up from you, but you are still dependant on the dog a$$ slow fourth hop, so it seems that your connection is slow because it's waiting on data that has yet to arrive.

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by donmars In reply to

Oh, tracert has to be followed by the destination you are trying to get to, for example: Enter TRACERT (space) WWW.YAHOO.COM.

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by cglrcng In reply to IE 6 very slow

Or you could simply go to Start>Settings>Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs>IE 6.0 w/tools>Click on Remove>Choose Repair....Wait for the repair to complete & reboot and test the browser to make sure it works properly.

A damaged IE6 can be repaired in this fashion from the original download files. Then always go to Windows update to check for any needed patches as the original files are used for the repair. I alwas keep aclean copy of IE6.0 in my downloads file to re-install IE i it can't be repaired in this manner.

Good luck! (BTW, all of the above can also cause the problem, but spyware removal tools often damage the actual browser files if hijackers or helper tools were installed, then "ripped out" by adware removers).

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