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IE 6.0 Faults

By bldsm ·

My IE6.0 opens when requested but won't find a site when a URL is entered and keeps displaying the 404 error screen. Usually it won't even find the setup home page. Have looked on Microsoft site but can't see what is the problem. Have run my antivirus and no viruses, have a firewall that is working and have run spytbot and adware 6.0.

Any ideas please

(I'm so close to dropping microsoft products)

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by bldsm In reply to IE 6.0 Faults
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by pctech In reply to IE 6.0 Faults

Hi Bruce,
I can think of some areas to start, based on the information given.
Should you have javascript disbled, some pages may no be able to display properly or at all.
Check your firewall ( hardware or software? both? ) and insure that it is working and configured properly.
Replace your ethernet cable, if wireless, check your signal.
Assure your NIC is configured properly and try replacing it if the other suggestions do not work.

Can you ping Can you ping the IP address of the computer? Can you ping the gateway?

Give us as much information as you can. New system? Fresh OS install? Recent virus or spyware that has been cleaned? Recent software or hardware installations? Network type? Single computer or multiple? Are other systems having same problem? Does browser work using another network location? Highspeed or dialup? ect.

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by bldsm In reply to

thanks for your efforts.

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by inquiringmind In reply to IE 6.0 Faults

When's the last time you dumped your temp internet files? Dump your "files" including "offline content", then delete cookies, too. Be sure you know your login passwords to sites you have cookies'll lose them until you login, signin and get new cookies.

Try to web surf, again. Report your findings here.

This actually sounds like a classic hijacker symptom...check your "hosts" file to be sure the URL's aren't blocked. Do a Search for "hosts" without the "".

If none of this works, try downloading and running HiJackTHis. Try

Alternately, there is some DNS error occuring. Try puting in your browser address the following: and report back what the error on the 404 page tells you. The answers are out there.

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by bldsm In reply to

thanks for your efforts.

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by bldsm In reply to IE 6.0 Faults

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