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IE 6.0 has "about:blank" as home page

By scottara2 ·
I have a problem concerning IE on an WinXP SP2 pc. Because of some kind of malware/adware/spyware, the home page is constantly "about:blank".

I've tried several different removal tools. Nothing works for long. Once I close the browser and reopen it, I'm back at about:blank as my home page.

I tried to execute the procedure using Registrar Lite. However, the procedure did follow along to what was on my screen.

Thanks in advance!

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by LMon In reply to IE 6.0 has "about:blank" ...

Try these sites. First them I do though is go to run and type msconfig then go to the services tab and check in there if you see it if not go to startup tab and do the same if you see it uncheck it this will stop from starting. restart. then do try these sites below.

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by gralfus In reply to IE 6.0 has "about:blank" ...

You will need to download a few different tools and then communicate the results to a forum designed to help with this. It is a variant that is quite difficult to remove, but it can be done.

AdAware, About:Buster, and HijackThis are the tools you will need. You can read about how others are approaching this in the following forums: (have to scroll down past the warnings about how to use the forum, after reading them)

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by SkipperUSN In reply to IE 6.0 has "about:blank" ...

Run Spy Sweeper to remove the Malware - then go into Regedut 0 and search for About and remove those references - should be about 3 of them ...

That should do it..

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by cglrcng In reply to IE 6.0 has "about:blank" ...

And try here, specifically dealing w/ Browser Hijackers and repairing in Windows yourself, while there add the link to favorites and look @ the previous newsletters...I use their Registry tools and Rec. them often...Not cheap, but in a pinch all work temp as shareware (you can sure test them out). (I am no affilliated @ all w/ the site). CAUTION.....Registry Editing necessary...BACK UP THE REGISTRY FIRST! I can't be responsible and registry editing is dangerous if not done properly, and sometimes if done properly.

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by BorgInva In reply to IE 6.0 has "about:blank" ...

You can also download Spybot Search and Destroy v1.3.

Not only using it to clean Spyware, but, and in case you still can not find the problem, it has a feature built in to protect the IE homepage from being modified. It is in TOOLS>IE Tweaks. Just change your homepage again, go in here, and click the part that says PROTECT.
My PC is a bit slow so i can not tell you for sure if that is EXACTLY where the feature is, but you can find it.

Hope some of that helps.

God bless.

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by Macgyver.Hicks In reply to IE 6.0 has "about:blank" ...

As some have said, run Spybot S&amp and I would add Ad-aware SE. Both are free and are very good when used in conjunction with each other. Further, check your Add/Remove programs for things like 180solutions,, 20/20search, mywebsearch, etc. and remove them. As a final suggestion, use IE for Windows updates only. for the rest of your browsing needs go to and download Firefox 0.9.3. It's not hijackable like IE is.

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by chris007 In reply to IE 6.0 has "about:blank" ...

This might be due to some javascript programmes from adware / spyware programmes which have embedded into your systems .dll programmes .If you know the date from which the trouble is occuring then you can goto system32 folder in windows folder .then search *.dll with advanced date search give the date in which the problem occured,you can see some of the files which are created on that date with some anonymous it carefully and delete it.but,be carefull if you delete some windows dll files it might cause trouble in your system.

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by chris007 In reply to IE 6.0 has "about:blank" ...

if you cant find the dll files then try to get spybot search& destroy and proceed with that ,if you can't find that software then goto run ->regedit->hkey_local machine-> software->there you can find some folder named 180solutions->delete it .but,it is safe to proceed with spybot search& destroy

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by zoka11 In reply to IE 6.0 has "about:blank" ...

did you try to change home page / or some / and after run ad-aware

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by purple713 In reply to IE 6.0 has "about:blank" ...

I dealt with this same issue for 3 days and the answer is a script that is running on the machine. Once you have ran all the spyware cleaners it still resides on the machine. If you want more information on fixing the issue I can send you all the files to look for via email and all the reg entries to remove. Just send me an email.

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