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IE 6.0 history files

By srojas ·
Hi, does anyone know how to import history files from another hard drive. They look different than the regular history files on the main computer. I tried to copy them into the existing history folder but it will not let me. Hope this makes sense!

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by sgt_shultz In reply to IE 6.0 history files

what error did you get?

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by jimmy In reply to IE 6.0 history files

Firstly, This should not be a problem.
You should really describe what operating system you are using to us before posting in order we can help you better.

You may need to be logged onto the PC with Admin privellages.
You are trying to copy the files into the history folder of a user that is currently logged into the system.

Log in as Administrator and then copy and paste the contents into the
C:\Documents and Settings\(USERFOLDER)\Local Settings
If you copy the entire History folder from the old PC to this location you will lose the current history folder contents.

However, You can dive into the hisory folder and take all the individual records from PC1 and paste them into the history folder on #PC2 if that makes sense. This would allow you to have both history folder intact without over-writing.

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by RCOM In reply to IE 6.0 history files

On the PC with the history files you want to keep. Open IE and go to the sites and save them into favorites using "Ctrl D". Then copy the favorites instead of the history. A lot of people use history as a storage for what's really favorites and then when the history gets flushed they loose the shortcuts.

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