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By arb773 ·
IE will not recognize the Favorites folder. It gives an empty Favorites folder and am unable to add a favorite. Where should the Favorites folder be located?
Any help will be appreciated.

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Not clear about your question

by zlitocook In reply to IE 7 Favorites

If you save some thing to your favorites then it will show up there. Did you upgrade to IE7 and it will not find your favorites or did you get a new computer and copied your files to it?
In XP your favorites are in your profile on your computer. My Computer, documents and settings, and your name if you have more then one user on your computer. Or it may be just your name or administrator.

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To make it clear

by arb773 In reply to Not clear about your ques ...

What I said was that the Favorites folder is available, but IE cannot access it. I was using IE8 beta but was having problems and uninstalled it and re-installed IE7. I can open the Favorites folder directly in the 'C' drive, click on a link there and it will open IE and go to the site, however if I click 'save it as a favorite' it does not do it. The favorites folder in IE7 is blank. I have multiple copies of the Favorites folder on the hard drive and wondered where does it really belong.

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IMPORT the favorites?

by mbwmn In reply to To make it clear

not sure if i quite understand, but...
why not import one of multiple copies?
in IE7:File > Import and Export > ...

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import favorites

by arb773 In reply to IMPORT the favorites?

Tried that and it does not import. It looks for an HTML file.

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Open My Computer then

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to IE 7 Favorites

C Drive and then Documents & Settings then your User Account Name and you will find the Favorites Folder there.

However this will not make it work again you need to scan your system in Safe Mode with an AV Product and Mal ware scanners.

If you do not have any AV Product loaded use AVG Free

For malware use

Ad Aware

Advanced System Care

Malware Bytes

& Finally Spy Bot S&amp

Download, update as required then reboot the system when the Makers Splash or POST Screen appears hold down the F8 Key till either the internal speaker of the computer starts sounding or you see a White on Black screen. Use the arrow keys to highlight the Safe Mode and press enter. After the system loads scan with first the AV product then the Malware products to find & remove infections.


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your remedies

by arb773 In reply to Open My Computer then

I have and use every one of the security programs you mentioned and have no security problems that these prgs. could find. I know where the favorites folder exists, in fact there are multiple instances in the Program Files, Windows, and other locations but IE still cannot access them. Can you tell me where the folder should be located so that IE can access it? In IE, when I click 'save to Favorites' it does not and the favorites link in IE is still empty.

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Depends on the OS in use here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to your remedies

With XP & Vista the Favorites Folder is in the Users Account under Documents & Settings. When you load IE7 onto Debian the Favorites Folder is in the General Documents Folder. Even though it's supposed to be not possible to run IE on Linux it can be done.

When you scanned this system did you do it in Safe Mode? Only thing I can think of unless the User Profile has been corrupted and needs replacing. Have you tried creating a New User Account and seeing if IE works correctly in that? It could be something as simple as that hopefully.


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by arb773 In reply to Depends on the OS in use ...

I will try creating a new user acct. and see if it solves the problem.

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