IE 7 lock down

By Daygo ·
Hello All, (Win XP Pro Clients)

About a week ago I am suddenly noticing that when IE 7 is installed, the tools/options are not available. The message "The operation has been cancelled due to restrictions on this computer. Please contact your administrator". If IE 7 is uninstalled for the preference of IE6, the problem goes away.

My first though was group policy. Well, this computer is on a domain so local group policy is over ruled by GP in Active Directory. I have been assured by our admins that they are not blocking this option. Also, there is no regustry key to say they are lying. (Plus I have looked at the option in the local GP and it is not checked)

Brand new install, no add ons or third party software. This would lead me to believe that spyware/virus could not be to blame.

Once again it happens with every new install of IE 7 (new computers running Win XP).

This one has me stumped.

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Are you using Spybot C and C?

by jck In reply to IE 7 lock down

I heard that can sometimes lock it out.

Otherwise, it sounds like a default profile setup or a Admin Rights restriction or a security block.

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No anti spyware software installed

by Daygo In reply to Are you using Spybot C an ...

No. There are fresh Win XP builds.

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Local User Rights

by Charvell In reply to IE 7 lock down

Is your username a member of the Admin, Power User, or User group on the local machine?

(edited: corrected horrible grammer mistake)

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User rights

by Daygo In reply to Local User Rights

Yes, my logon is in the admin group. I have also tried logging on as local admin with no luck.

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Here's the kicker

by Daygo In reply to User rights

I installed a fresh copy of XP. Never plugged in a Cat'5 cable. Installed IE 7 and the problem occurred. Must be a problem with my install source.

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I hate titles.

by Ron K. In reply to IE 7 lock down

You can download Fresh Devices 'Fresh UI' here: <br>
I've been using their products for years. You need to register to get the unlock key but I've never been spammed because of registering with them. Trust me. :^0 <br>
Fresh UI gives you the option to enable the Tools-->Options menu with a single click in the Internet Explorer section at the top. <br>
Tweak UI or other tweaking software may work but I'm too lazy to look as Fresh UI should do the job.

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