IE 7 on WinXPP-SP2

By huoml ·
I am running WinXPP-SP2 and IE7 with all latest patches/updates. I also have Firefox installed (also with all latest patches/updates).

Default web browser is IE7.

Lately (may be for about 10 days or so...) more often than not, when I click on techrepublic discussions, IE7 will error out saying 'server not reachable'. But when I copy the URL and paste it into Firefox, it works.

Any idea/pointers, as to where/what I should be checking?

I know I can make Firefox default browser, but IE7 was working fine up until the problems began and I do not recall changing any settings in IE7.


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You probably didn't make any changes

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to IE 7 on WinXPP-SP2

About 10 days ago TR had a hardware problem and the IE browsers would time out and fail to make a connection. It's still going on today but not quite as bad. Personally I would make FF my Default Browser and use that as it's just plain and simple better and easier to use. Failing that remove IE7 reinstall IE6 and all the patches for it and use IE6 as your default Browser it's has Tabs so there is absolutely no reason to work with IE7 which is slower and works worse than IE6 ever did.

OH BTW you'll have to go into Windows Live Update select the Custom Option and then when you get the available updates shown click on the second level and then untick the IE7 Box and open it up and tick Hide this File. That way you'll never see it again and you'll have something that nearly works instead of something that almost works.


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ok. . .

by huoml In reply to You probably didn't make ...

thanx for the reply. That does explain some quirky behavior with TR sites.

other observation with IE7 & FF2.

on my P4 2.6GHz with 1GB RAM IE7 is Always lot faster than FF2. FF2 is new install and with may be three add ons, while IE has been on the pc for as long as I can remember and have upgraded with IE7-beta and then prod release.

Have you noticed that?

once again, thanx.

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The issue seems to have been resolved

by huoml In reply to IE 7 on WinXPP-SP2

FYI only:

Let me re-state the issue I had.

I get an email from TR.
I click on the article/forum/discussion links
IE7 (being default) would give me 'server not reachable' or something similar.
I copy the link that failed and paste it in FF2. It will work just fine.

IE7 would work, in regards to navigation, once I am at the article/Qs/. . .

I created a VM with same as my desktop (except for installing all the programs), but with all the latest MS updates/patches. Followed the same steps I would on my desktop on a VM and IE7 worked just fine.

So, I surmised that some setting of IE7 on my desktop got changed. I compared ALL IE settings between desktop and VM and they were same!

I had tried all kind security settings in IE7 from totally locked-down to completely open, none of them worked.
Then I came across a reply from someone for totally unrelated question that suggested to try a program called 'dial-a-fix'. The program seems to re-register set of dll/ocx/etc. . for specific issues. I ran the 'FIX' for IE and now IE7 works just fine.

hth someone.

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