IE 7.0 and PDF handler

By Sereniti ·
One of my remote users is having issues with IE 7.0 not being able to load pdf files from any web site. We have identical PCs running Windows XP Pro, and both of us have AcroIEHelper.dll enabled in "Manage Browser Add-Ons." We're both running Adobe Reader 7.0.

I'm able to access pdf files from any Internet site I'm at, while he gets an error page that tells him the page can't be loaded, that he has no connection to the Internet, that he must verify his physical connection, and verify that the site isn't having any problems.

When he contacted me, he couldn't open pdf files from one of his desktop applications, either. I discovered that his PC didn't know what app to use to open a pdf file and fixed that. Now he can open pdf files from everywhere except the Internet.

Would a simple re-install of either IE 7.0 or Adobe Reader 7.0 fix this, or is it more complicated than that? I'm about to switch him to Firefox and have done with it!

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Have seen this with IE 7

by Tig2 In reply to IE 7.0 and PDF handler

The work around in IE is to save the pdf and open it through Reader. I have not seen a root cause analysis so can't offer better than that.

You might want to try a re-install of Reader. Re-installing IE, from what I have heard, is often problematic.

FireFox with the pdf plug in is certainly an alternative. I find that FF works better for me. Your mileage may vary.

Good luck!

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Thanks - this helps :)

by Sereniti In reply to Have seen this with IE 7

I always like getting a back-up opinion. I thought this would probably be the case - it's good to know that my brain works like a PC. Oh, wait, maybe that's not such a good thing!


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IE7 errors

by Shaun.G In reply to Have seen this with IE 7

I find that IE7 has many errors that seems to effect other areas - like the windows explorer itself.

When closing IE7 it usually wont close on first three or more clicks, and sits there, or if it does close instantly, it gives an error.

I think that IE7 was never tested before release.

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Installing Adobe Reader 8.0 fixed the problem

by Sereniti In reply to Have seen this with IE 7

My user is now able to open PDF files from web sites in IE 7.0 without downloading them first and manually opening from his hard drive.


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