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IE 8 Breaks ListView in VS 2008

By satamp ·
This is driving me crazy. Testing new Beta 2 of IE 8, and it gives a protected memory access error for any application developed using the ListView available in VS 9.

After much pulling of hair I realized it was the "BackgroundImageTiled" Property of listview that is causing the problem.

If you try to tile background in an app with IE 8 Beta 2 installed it simply hangs with error.

I'm curious if others have this problem, and what people expect MS to do about it, if anything.

Has anyone come up with a workaround that still enables background image tiling? I know this seems like a minor thing; but first of all I have software distributed out there that will need a fix if this stays, and secondly I want the damn image in there!

It also breaks listview in VS 2005, and several custom open source models I tried.

I saw where an MVP said that he thought maybe it was Alpha channels in background images - I specifically tested with no Alpha channel - no dice. I have been testing with GIF and PNG images.

I stuck an image on my site to show the error:

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