IE 8 closing all tabs not single tab

By DCASU87 ·
I am running Windows 7 and IE8. I believe my verison of IE8 has corrupted but I'm not sure how to fix it.

When I open multiple tabs in IE8 and try to close just one tab, by clicking on the X of a single tab, IE8, whether I have 4 tabs open or 10, closes ALL THE TABS. I also run Firefox and am able to open multiple tabs and close only single tabs, however, there are multiple places where Firefox just doesn't work properly, so that I'm forced to run both.

I've tried to reinstall IE 8, but because I think because it's so tied into Windows 7 I don't think that's really possible as even when I get rid of IE 8, it seems to automatically pick up the previous settings and I end up with the same problems.

I have been looking all over the net on this one and haven't found anyone else who is having this problem. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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I just put up with it

by santeewelding In reply to IE 8 closing all tabs not ...

Keep very few tabs open. It's old-fashioned, but I don't have to do so much backtracking.

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i'm confused.

by DCASU87 In reply to I just put up with it

My other friends who use IE 8, including one who works for Intel and is pretty techy tells me he doesn't have this problem.

Are you telling me that this is just a IE 8 bug? If so, why didn't I find anyone else talking about it?

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Do you get a context menu if you right-click the tab?

by seanferd In reply to IE 8 closing all tabs not ...

Perhaps it will offer to close one or all tabs.

I would check in the settings to see what controls tab behavior, and configure it to suit you.

What about the New Tab page? Have you chosen to Learn more to see if you can be directed to the proper settings, or if it will tell you what input (e.g., ctrl + click) you need to use to close only one tab?

(Until this gets resolved, you realize you can re-open closed tabs, yes?)

Do you use any add-ons? it might be an add-on causing this behavior. Try disabling add-ons. You may also want to reset the config to the original default (Reset Web Settings or reset IE, something like that, in Internet Properties Adavanced tab).

...OK, it took me some time to find this, as I don't run IE. Your Tab settings are in the obvious place:
Internet Options → General tab → Tabs → Settings
Check those settings. Hope it helps. If it doesn't, don't forget about add-ons and resetting IE to default config.

edited for egregious misspelling of the word, "do". i managed it, somehow.

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by santeewelding In reply to Do you get a context menu ...

You're getting older and losing little ways, here and there.


Just bringing a little sunshine into your life.

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You know it, bud.

by seanferd In reply to Means

On both counts.

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IE closes

by golanoma In reply to Do you get a context menu ...

check if you have a bug (virus). sality virus also cause this problem.

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Just finished running scan & ran sality virus removal

by DCASU87 In reply to IE closes

I thought that too and just to be sure, I ran a full scan using 2010 Norton Internet Security, which is supposed to be able to detect Sality, as well as running a Sality removal software. Neither one changed the behavior.

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Thanks for your help

by DCASU87 In reply to Do you get a context menu ...

1). No, IE 8 never offers to close one or all tabs.
2). Yes, I have checked the settings and have tried default, and every permetation thereof, and no matter how I configure it I get the same behavior.
3). Yes, I have gone through every tab setting on New Tab Page. I've tried using the menu selection to close just a single tab, instead of clicking on that tab's x, but I get this same result (Yes I know about re-opening tabs)
4). I've tried disabling every ad-on I have. I've tried reseting to orginal IE 8 defaults.
5). I've checked by IE settings.

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And nothing helps, eh?

by seanferd In reply to Thanks for your help

Not even a scan for the malware known to cause this issue?
You might want to try another scan with
Do it in Safe Mode, from the Admin account, with the network cable unplugged, after turning off System Restore.

Before that, though, have you checked to see if IE 8 offers a repair install option in Add or Remove Programs / Programs and Settings? Be sure to check under both the progams list and the Windows components list to find IE 8.

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