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    IE 8 is slow to open, ‘Intranet’ seems to hang ?


    by rini54 ·

    I have tried everything listed in your forum and more. My ‘local intranet’ just seems to ‘hang’ for any where from 1-2 minutes or longer. I have Windows XP Pro, SP3; I’m at 7mbps from Qwest Tel. but also have ‘speed connect’. My system was flying, until I went to the 7mbps. I have Norton,(had problem B4 Norton), had to get rid of Windows Live One Care. I’ve also run ‘Malwarebytes’
    from Malware & Iobit Security 360, between these 2, they’ve found & routed some deep nasty stuff.
    I ran the missing dll:regsvr32 actxprxy.dll. It helped some..
    Up until about a month ago, I was running FAST, it was great. I uninstalled ‘Google Toolbar’ & took it out of my ‘program files’ to make sure. That helped some.
    Everyday I delete browser history & ssl cache, do defrag & optimize combo, clean garbage files, clean up disk, run registry find & fix & more.
    I’m about to go crazy ? What have I missed ? Is there a free download for diagnose &&&& fix ?
    I sure would appreciate help.

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