IE 8 with vista?

By Pitroadrush ·
Hello, I'm running vista ultimate, when I use IE 8 everytime I click on my Menu bar > favorites > subtitles of my favorites I cannot see the links that I added from different websites. I'm running enough memory. I restarted the pc several times, still the same. What approach you can suggest? thanks.

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by seanferd In reply to IE 8 with vista?

Click Start > Run. In the Run box, type
Click OK

Does this display the folder with the favorites you have saved? Or something different?

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by Pitroadrush In reply to Diagnostic

It does display the favorites folder, but thats it. I want to do this from the IE without going through that. You know.

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The point was

by seanferd In reply to same

to see if it opened the right folder. No, you shouldn't have to do that to get to your Favorites. :)

But, are the bookmarks you created in that favorites folder? In Explorer, look in C:\Users\<i>your user name</i>\Favorites. Are the links in that folder and subfolders?

Are you logged in to the same account that you used when saving the favorites?

Do you have the In Private add-on running? It will wipe everything when you close the browser, unless you turn it off or change its settings.

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