IE browser stops working constantly in Vista Ultimate

By HarleyBabe ·
I got this computer 12/04/2009 with Vista windows IE keeps stops working. I don't know why which is very confusing and not to say vr annoying. I'm the only one at work that has this problem but I'm the only one who has Vista windows. I hate Vista windows. I read somewhere that Microsoft came out with windows 7 to copy over this vista because that is suppose to be the fix for Vista to get rid of all the bugs in vista that weren't hashed out from the get go! Is this true? I would appreciate any insight on this issue. Also I have not updated the IE with the 8 just incase someone needs to know that too. And I did try it and it was just as bad.
Thanks for any input and it will very much appreciated.

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I would suggest that you do

by tintoman In reply to IE browser stops working ...

Change to IE 8 because in my opinion its a better browser than 7
Also there are a few "add ons" that are known to cause issues with IE in some cases, notably Skype and Google toolbar, there are also a number of other toolbars that cause grief.
You should try not to install additional toolbars to keep the environment as clean as possible.
For background info there's no doubt that EVERY operating system launched into the public domain by Mr Microsoft is evaluated by the likes of you and me, it would be impossible for them to test every possible scenario in house you we do it for them.
Windows 7 is more stable all round.

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Change Firewall

by TheChas In reply to IE browser stops working ...

I presume that IE works again after you reboot your system.

If so, one of the early fall Windows Vista updates has been reported to cause conflicts with some third party software firewalls such as Zone Alarm. The interesting aspect is that this only affects web browsing and not email or other web based applications.

The fix is to change to a different firewall.

In theory, purchasing and installing the Windows 7 upgrade should also fix the problem.


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If I am reading your post as you wanted it read

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to IE browser stops working ...

You are using this unit at work so what type of Network is it connected to?

If it's on a Domain it's possible that a Group Policy is causing this to happen as it's conflicting with something inside Vista. If you are the only one running Vista there that may very well be the problem as the IT Section do not need to know a lot about Vista and are unaware of their GP causing this issue.

We really need to know what this system is connected to here and if it's a Domain we need to know if AD and GP's are in use.

If they are it really is an issue for the IT Department or Consultant who maintain the Server/s and Network.

If it is a Stand Alone system what type of Modem is it connected to as it's possible that Vista isn't compatible with it and that is the issue here.

As for 7 while it is a more developed version of Vista it's not a Cure All for Vista Issues so if Vista isn't playing nice in this instance 7 may not be any better and a Upgrade to XP may be the solution if the remainder of the Hardware involved here isn't Vista/7 compatible.


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