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    IE can not browse !!!!


    by wkleo ·

    recently,my office have two pcs which is linked to network and joined within workgroup but only one pc can browse internet and other one can’t browse and can’t ping internet also even though both of the pcs can browse each other in network environment.The two pcs is using Windows XP with SP1 and IE6.0 with SP1 also.Is IE corrupt or some problem???I would appreciate if anyone can help me to solving this problem!!!

    Thank you and regard

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      by germain ·

      In reply to IE can not browse !!!!

      For the one that can access the Internet, how is it accessing? Dial ip, Cable Modem, DSL, Network?

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      Reply To: IE can not browse !!!!

      by eminent87 ·

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      How are you setting up the IP? Are they static or are they getting the IP from a DHCP server (dsl router or firewall)?

      It sounds to me you have a DNS issue. If you can’t browse then 90% of the time is DNS problem. If it’s a static IP configuration then make sure the DNS is the same as the other machine. Hope this helps!

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