IE excellorator,, will it slow down load...

By pzide ·
Will it slow down the loading of Vista on boot or the launching of IE itself? My PC has 2 GB of memory and it is max'ed out. I do not want to slow it farther.

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Mmm - why don't you try it ? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to IE excellorator,, will it ...

If it slows IE down, uninstall it.

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conventional logic would think...

by jck In reply to IE excellorator,, will it ...

If you have "maxed out" (fully utilizing) all your RAM in Vista, then adding any additional programs is going to entail the use of Virtual Memory.

That of course would mean that it would slow your system down...unless of course, you are already over the "max" and don't know it.

I'd say buy 4GB of RAM and don't worry about it.

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'Maxed out' while surfing the internet ?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to conventional logic would ...

One does not correspond with the other.

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With Windows Vista

by jck In reply to 'Maxed out' while surfing ...

It's possible. I've heard of default loads of just the OS taking 1GB of RAM.

If he has Symantec AV/SS loading and hogging memory, as well as other apps...he might be sucking up 2GB quite easily.

All depends on what is in his prefetch and startup.

Sidenote: I've seen multi-tab sessions of Firefox take over 500,000K of RAM. I did it the other day lol :^0

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Well, in that case it seems obvious ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to With Windows Vista

That some users are a lot more adventurous than me.

Mind you, I am OldER !! :^0

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