IE/Firefox not working anymore on Vista

By lucian.davitoiu ·
Hi, I suddenly got an internet browsing issue in Vista.

I can ping from Vista any web site, but when it comes to browsing the same site using either IE or Firefox, I get "cannot display web page".

This behavior has started suddenly after some automatic updates on 9th of Oct. Also, I have replicated the problem with the firewall and anti-virus/spyware turned off.

Any ideas are highly appreciated. Thank you.

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Uninstall your 1-day-old updates . . .

by OldER Mycroft In reply to IE/Firefox not working an ...

Then install them one at a time, until you find the one(s) that cause the problem.

Then you can keep ALL the unoffending updates.

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System Restore? Backup?

by Absolutely In reply to IE/Firefox not working an ...

Can you restore your computer to its previous state? Have you checked Your message doesn't include any mention of the basic troubleshooting steps. I'm probably the only member who will even reply to such lazy posts.

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System restore was helpful

by lucian.davitoiu In reply to System Restore? Backup?

Thanks for your reply. The system restore did the job.

I am still curious about what could lead to the original behaviour. Sorry about the lack of the details. Here is more info about the problem.

1. I have a Windows Vista Home Premium with IE 7.0; this was working until the problem
2. I shut down the system and some updates are installed
3. Next time I start Windows and try to connect to any web site, IE reports "cannot display the web page"; standard message like "you are not connected to the internet" is reported - no real indication of the error
4. I try ping to the same address as from the IE; ping works fine
5. I installed Firefox and it reports a similar problem - "internet connection not present"
Ping working fine definitely doesn't explain the errors reported by browsers. I have also turned off the firewall to make sure it doesn't cause the problem.
Looks like the issue is at HTTP protocol level, but I don't know how to further investigate the problem. Does vista come with some extra "switches" in this are? Is there something else that could block the traffic?

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Me too..

by RocMat1 In reply to System restore was helpfu ...

Sadly, only one of my system resotre points worked and I am very lucky too at least finnaly got IE to work. I am in the exact situation u were. Trust me. IT sucks.

What is interesting though is that if you go through a proxy, 4 example I had google accelerator plugin for firefox, u could connect, but only to sites not requiring a login.

I have done a lot of things trying to figure out what the crap is going on. I have no idea. I'm pretty sure it has 2 do with:
A. THe new version of firefox
B. Some update
C. A combination of both

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Me too.

by onome90 In reply to Me too.. :(

My ie 7 has exactly the same problem. And after I reach a restore point, and it updates again my IE stops working again. Dse anyone have a finaly solution to this. Because even if I reinstall my vista. There's no assurance it won't happen again

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I have the same problem

by dannyzuco In reply to IE/Firefox not working an ...

Hi there, I have the exact problem mentioned here but cannot rectify it. Unfortunatley I do not have any restore points to go back too? Can someone please help me. My email is dannyzuco and I use hotmail

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IE7 and Firefox Browser in Vista "cannot display web page"

Firefox: Go into "tools > options > Advance > settings" in the settings page make sure that the "Direct connect to the internet" is ticked.

IE7: Go into "tools > internet options > connections > Lan settings" make sure all the boxes are NOT ticked. Re-start your browsers to access the internet. Also make sure in IE7 that the "work off line" is not ticked.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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The 'work offline advice' also applies to Firefox ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to IE7 and Firefox Browser i ...

You'll find it under the 'File' heading on the Firefox toolbar.

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Yes, thank you for that. I did forget about that section..

I will get another cup of tea to wake up.
Thanks. :)

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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