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IE / firefox stopped working while network is on

By baowei_t ·
here is my situation.
I am using xp os. several days ago, my IE/firefox stopped working. However, I can still use my outlook and bittorrent to download movie. I checked my network setting nothing wrong to me at least. another pc using the same router works fine.
another interesting thing is that after reboot my pc, IE/Firefox works for a few minutes and then error message popup. IE: check your lan setting,etc. firefox: the server was reset while firefox was trying to connect something like that.
any idea?
by the way, I even tried to repair install xp which did not help either.

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by BFilmFan In reply to IE / firefox stopped work ...

Scan for viri and malware.

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more advice needed

by baowei_t In reply to Advice

I did scan it with norton and no virus/spyware was found.

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by BFilmFan In reply to more advice needed

Reinstall the applications.

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same issue happened here could anyone help me out?

by davegsun In reply to IE / firefox stopped work ...

same issue happened here, IE/firefox worked for only few minutes then went "page cannot be displayed" or "check connection". Iv done virus scanning by Kaspersky Lab. and spyware/malware scanning by Search&Destroy but neither helped. Was just wondering is there any other way the problem can be solved?

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I've had that happen to me as's a bug in Firefox

by Why Me Worry? In reply to same issue happened here ...

At first, I was inclined to to have you guys check if you are pointing at a proxy instead of going directly out to the internet, but since I have this same problem, it is not a proxy setting. I recently downloaded the latest version of firefox and that is when I started to see this occur. I think Mozilla screwed up this time, and it's not your PC that's at fault. If you can downgrade your version of Firefox, do it, because the latest version is crappy.

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Only have the problem with Firefox

by ja.jerkchicken In reply to IE / firefox stopped work ...

Temporary workaround is to kill the firefox process in the task manager and restart firefox.

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