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IE Forms Problem

By sunbeam87 ·
I have a real BIG problem with Internet Explorer. The problem has been tested on IE6, 5.5 and 5 with all respected service packs etc. As I fill out the form to post this question, the problem occurs. When I want to switch input text boxes on any page my browser pauses operations for up to about a minute and then finally switches boxes. That to me is not that bad - I can live with it. But the main primary occurring problem is Submit buttons in forms when I click them to submit the information inthe form input boxes, the browser can take up to TEN minutes to respond and submit the information. That is UNACCEPTABLE. I am yet to try Netscape, I think I will be switching to NS6. This annoying problem has never happened before on my computer and it needs to be remedied. HELP!

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IE Forms Problem

by Michael34 In reply to IE Forms Problem

Yes I know your problem very well. My solution is to format (Probably not yours tho)

This problem is caused by the IE itself. Somehow and for some reason every now and then it will do that, and since IE 5, 5.5, 6 use the same information, the version that caused it to start will carry over to the next.

Usually it would be easy to just Reinstall the Internet Explorer, however MS did'nt inclue that nice option. If you get Netscape, you will notice that it will do the same probably. I did the same thing as you, when my IE 6 started messing up I switched to Netscape and it was doing the same thing.

I think the IE messes up some files in the system registery, which can ususally only be repaired by formatting (or reloading your PC).

I have yet to discover another method to fix this, but everytime it happends to me, I format and the problem is fixed and works great.

If you find another method, please let me know.

Good Luck

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