IE has no internet connection but Firefox does

By PC&Web ·
Internet Explorer and Maxthon browsers do not connect to the internet. I installed Firefox and that is what I'm using right now.

Toshiba Satellite
Win XP Pro SP2
IE 6 now - originally 7
was Norton Antivirus 2003
now Trend Micro PC-Cillin 2007

Changes made 2 days before problem:
-Installed Trend Micro PC-Cillin which said that Norton needed to be uninstalled. It initiated that and rebooted then installed s/w.

-IE opens and for a second you can see the title of the home page then it goes to no page
-Diagnose problem result with IE7: can't connect using HTTP, HTTPS or FTP. Says to open those ports. No firewalls are active
-after uninstalling IE7, Diagnose problem results with IE 6: problem with Winsock provider catalog. It reset that to default. Reboot - problem continues
-IE also will not open the router
-ipconfig /all indicates the correct info
-I can ping to websites and router
-the Toshiba configfree utility indicates a complete connection between the computer using wired or wifi

Done so far:
-checked the host file - good
-sfc found at least 12 files to replace
-uninstalled IE 7
-the common registry edit for norton - that SYMxxx entry was not there as they suggest
-shutdown Trend Micro and turn off Windows firewall
-reset IE security to medium-high
-stop all startup items and non-Microsoft services to reboot - no good
-Safe Mode with Networking - no good
-winxpfixip.exe utility

I think that's it. I would appreciate suggestions.

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Just continue using Firefox =D but seriously...

by MyLittleMansAnIdiot In reply to IE has no internet connec ...

Sometimes the simplest things can stop us.

Check in the file menu that work offline isn't checked. I know it's a long shot, and unlikely to be the problem, but it's happened to me =P

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i'm having the same problem

by Scrooge_85 In reply to IE has no internet connec ...

almost exactly the same problem as you.. have you fixed it yet???

if so email me at
and let me know what you did

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Same problem, too

by Stepenlite In reply to i'm having the same probl ...

Once TMProxy generates the error, I'm unable to get IE7 connectivity back. The PC can't even reach any network device in the house, my gateway and wifi printer, for instance. My other computer is unaffected. I find that the MSN brower continues to work.
I have a case running with Trend Micro. I'll post the results.

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Give this a try

by ctrservices In reply to IE has no internet connec ...

Navigate o**4440 and download the Network Diagnostic Tool and install the program. Then copy and paste %windir%\network diagnostic\xpnetdiag.exe into the Run dialog box (as per the above link) and follow the wizard. If the problem has not been solved, restart the program from the Run box and click "View last diagnostic log". This should show you what is halting the browser.

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TMProxy problem resolved

by Stepenlite In reply to IE has no internet connec ...

The folks at Trend Micro sent me the following solution. I applied the changes and haven't had a reccurance of the tmproxy/IE problem.

From their mail -

Install Firewall:

Note: Make sure that no windows are open before you do these procedures...

1. Click on START>RUN and type pcctool and click OK.

A new window will come up.

2. Go to the [E] Uninstall Tab.
3. Click on 3. Install Firewall.

A message will come up "Do you want to install the Personal Firewall?"

4. Click on "Install".

A message will come up "You must restart the computer"

5. Click on "Yes"

Then, set the Trend Micro Proxy to manual.

Click Start>Click Run>Type services.msc
Hit enter>Look and double click Trend Micro Proxy to Manual.

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Try using IE with no add ins loaded

by sking In reply to IE has no internet connec ...

Try using IE with no add ins loaded

Click Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools, and then click Internet Explorer (No Add-ons).

This will start IE with all add ins disabled. If IE works you will then have to figure out which add in is the culprit.

Tools -> Manage Add Ons

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IE 7 not connecting

by wwweb In reply to IE has no internet connec ...

If you are running ANY form of antivirus/internet security. Check your firewall settings and turn them OFF.

You will most likely need to update your internet security package to a more updated version.

Apparently the NEW version of IE6/IE7 and Yahoo Msgr are not compatible with some older internet security applications

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Reset IE to its Defaults

by sking In reply to IE has no internet connec ...

You can also reset IE to its defaults by doing this:

Control Panel -> Internet Options -> Advanced tab -> Reset button.

This disables all Add-ons, clears all the temp files and resets all changed settings.

This really saved me I had an internet site (.aspx) that my client needed to use and it would just not work correctly with Firefox.

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I had this problem and a reinstall of IE 7 fixed it

by ruskyz In reply to IE has no internet connec ...

For no reason at all, http stopped working. I'd installed Fiddler a week before but connections were fine all week. Nothing had changed but http from IE suddenly failed. The symptom was first identified in Visual Studio 2005 when web references failed and web services could not be contacted. Firefox continued to browse, ping was fine, ftp could connect but no http (except, as mentioned, firefox). Yahoo Messenger, AOL and MSN Live all failed to connect (too many IM's, argh)

I went to the IE7 home page and followed "get it now" instructions to download and reinstall. Of course, Firefox was indispensable for this.

A System Restore had no effect. Finally, on the suggestion from another post by Googling "IE7 cannot connect but Firefox can", I reinstalled IE 7. After the necessary reboots, all the IM's returned and IE came back to life. Skype plug in has been throwing errors so that is now disabled.

Pain in the arse but not the worst I've encountered.

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Same prob, but re-downloading didn't work

by tsmith.stu In reply to I had this problem and a ...

I re-downloaded IE7 and it still doesn't work. I have the same problem as described above: my firefox works fine, but IE does not work at all.

This is a problem, because my Itunes uses IE and I can't access the internet through Itunes without a IE connection.

What is the source of this problem? Why does IE not work all of a sudden?

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