IE Issues

By shellyewton ·
I can not open ANY web page with IE. No error message is reported, just the standard "page can not be displayed".
My network settings seem to be fine - I can connect to other pc's on my home network, and I can ping random websites and addresses just fine.
There are no errors in the logs.
I have ran a reg-clean, ad-aware, and virus scanner.
I also have installed IE7 - which removed and repaired any instance of IE.
All of these efforts have not helped -- I hope someone out there can!!!!!

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Things to check

by Kjell_Andorsen In reply to IE Issues

Have you checked your firewall to see if ports 80 and 443 are open?

Have you checked your proxy settings to see if a proxy server is set up and this might be the problem?

Have you tried a different browser such as firefox?

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great suggestions - no resolve

by shellyewton In reply to Things to check

firewall - off - no results.
proxy - n/a
installed firefox - no results - same issue.
I have discovered now though, that it is not limited to IE.
Any other ideas?


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Did you try

by shelli_2005 In reply to great suggestions - no re ...

a system restore? Also, make sure there is no adware or spyware installed that could be causing a problem.
Some things to try:

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some help found

by shellyewton In reply to Did you try

Ran diag for spyware and adware - none found - no viruses either.
Thanks for the link - found a network diag program to install. That ran and found that my "firewall" is blocking all http, https, and ftp.
Problem is I have the windows firewall off - ?????
I don't have any other firewall software installed????!!!!??!

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by Kjell_Andorsen In reply to great suggestions - no re ...

When was the last time it worked successfully and what could have changed on your system since then? I've been hearing about users having some issues after recent windows updates, it might be worth trying to unintall the latest updates or doing the system resotre reccomended by shelli_2005

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issues after update

by shellyewton In reply to Hmmm

Yes - the problems began after an update.
I removed what I thought was the latest update, and I have tried re-installing updates. I did a 'restore to last known good configuration' and it did not resolve it. I have moved all my files off this pc onto another one on my network.
Right now I am attempting to try to find out why it thinks that I have a firewall set.
I may have to A) uninstall SP2 and reinstall it B) Use a backup from 2002.
(It is a pre-loaded machine, and I do not know where the install disc is so restore will be difficult)

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You may have another

by w2ktechman In reply to issues after update

Do you have a security product such as Norton AV and security tools? These tools may be blocking the traffic. Or it may be with an installed toolbar or add-in.

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Symantec - go away, come again another day

by shellyewton In reply to You may have another

Yes, I do. I have a Norton Internet Security installed. It is turned off and disabled, but acting odd. (I can't remove it, I can't turn it on, etc.) I found a removal tool at symantec's site. Unfortunatly, I also have to remove my anti-virus software too to use it. Oh well - it is worth a try.

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That did it!!!

by shellyewton In reply to Symantec - go away, come ...

Well - - issue is now resolved.
As soon as I applied the Norton removal tool, I was able to surf again.
Thanks to all that helped!!!

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Good to hear

by w2ktechman In reply to Symantec - go away, come ...

I have sooooo many problems with Norton/Symantec issues. When it fails, it just goes crazy. Recently, even the nonav tool doesnt do anything and I need to go into the registry to fix things. -- at least this kind of crapware keeps me employed....

Anyway, it is good to hear that it is working. For the Norton AV, you should be able to re-install it now, or install something else to take its place.

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