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IE krazee, Microsoft ripp off

By dorierez ·
My internet connection is fine using other browers and applications, my XP PRO with SP 3 are legal but can't get IE7 to work (I gave up on IE. I read a lot of old emails & wonder if anybody came up with new ideas. In LAN settings I tried to remove or check "Automatically detect settings", "Use a proxy...", with and without Addons. It works one time and then again it does not. I can open enough of the "welcome" page and go to Tools, but it does not load any sites.

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This is probably an issue to do with the Registry settings

by Deadly Ernest In reply to IE krazee, Microsoft ripp ...

The easy answer is, if you're addicted to IE only, go get a more secure version of an IE overlay like Avant Browser at or

switch to somehting better like FireFox at

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IE krazy

by dorierez In reply to This is probably an issue ...

That was no answer. I need IE to run Outlook in its full vs, home and work.

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Avant Browser is an overlay that uses the whole IE

by Deadly Ernest In reply to IE krazy

engine and works by being a screen door over IE, but installing it will have it adjust the registry settings and may fix the problem. It won't interfere with anything else.

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Avant browser

by dorierez In reply to Avant Browser is an overl ...

Thank you for your interest. You may have read another response of mine where suddenly Zone Alarm asked for permission, which was previously granted, and it started to work. Make no mistake, I had checked and given permission. I don't get it. Now I'm afraid to install Avant 'cause "if it ain't broken, don't fix it" syndrome, and I never heard of it before. Who knows how many times IE will open... Firefox is my main browser and the new version works even better.

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If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Avant browser

If it ain't broke, why are you here looking for a fix?

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Did you know

by Deadly Ernest In reply to If it ain't broke, don't ...

a ticking bomb isn't broken until AFTER it goes off - and then it's arguable if it's broken or not. But it's too late to fix anyway.

That's why some things that aren't broken yet should be fixed before they are.

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Totally agree

by dorierez In reply to Did you know

I'm a serviceman so I do a lot of preventive work. In this case I was too ignorant to try but guess what, I installed Avant after I read a bunch of reviews. I didn't try it much 'cause I like my Firefox. Yesterday Avant & IE worked, today they don't. Firefox is OK, just installed the new version.

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U R right

by dorierez In reply to If it ain't broke, don't ...

It was broken and it worked one day. That when I wrote this. Now its broken again.

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I used to use Avant Browser but stopped when I switched to

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Avant browser

Firefox several years ago. Back in the late 1990s I started using Avant Browser ( because it offered some security aspects that closed off known holes in IE and also offered Tabbed windows which IE did not offer at that time. It's a simple overlay on the IE engine. I used it for a few years and switched to Firefox after learning one of the IE vulnerabilities was so bad that the Avant Browser people couldn't lock it down. Some months later MS finally issued a patch for that problem in IE, but by then I'd switched to FF.

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by dorierez In reply to I used to use Avant Brows ...

I never heard of it until you mentioned it. My problem is that I need IE for the full version of Outlook connected to my work. Now you are saying I don't need Avant? Right?

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