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    IE not allowing access to web sites in AOL


    by rk25hammer ·

    When I sign into AOL, I am getting a “page unavailable” message with “Internet Explorer not allowing” message on bottom of page. However, when I sign into AOL by going thru Internet Explorer I have access. Anybody know what I need to change in IE to allow for web browsng in AOL?


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      um, that really makes no sense..

      by jaqui ·

      In reply to IE not allowing access to web sites in AOL

      IE is Internet Explorer.

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        And what makes even less sense

        by jdclyde ·

        In reply to um, that really makes no sense..

        is why would anyone pay the near rape prices that AOL charges to access the internet?

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          less sense….

          by ~omega~ ·

          In reply to And what makes even less sense

          Or be willing to install viruses (yes, I consider AOL software a virus), spyware and targeted advertising KNOWINGLY on their computer?

          You wouldn’t believe how many support calls I take after a customer has installed AOL on their computer. Usually resolved by reinstalling AOL… usually broken again after AOL reupdates itself.

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          by rk25hammer ·

          In reply to less sense….

          AOL came with time warner when I went to a cable modem. So I am not paying any monthly fees for AOL.

          Back to my problem – When I go thru Internet Explorer and sign into AOL, I have no problems.

          When I sign into AOL and try to go to a web site, I get the following error – “page can not de displayed” and on the bottom of this pafe it says Internet Explorer denied permission, so I figure something is not allowing it. I checked my firewall config and it is fine. I will try and reinstall AOL but I washoping someone might know what I have to allow in my settings to correct this.


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          you need to call AOL

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to reply

          they will be able to tell you what is wrong with their product, and how to fix it.

          If I knew, I would tell you. sorry.

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          Just saw this about three months ago

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to less sense….

          the user had loaded ~~shudder~~ AOL on his company laptop, and now the whole thing was pooched.

          The had loaded automatically Mcrapy, which got in a fight with the already running symantec AV.

          What a mess.

          Oh, and Mcrapy couldn’t be shut down or uninstalled….. Registry hack to kill it, oh what fun. X-(

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          by rk25hammer ·

          In reply to Just saw this about three months ago

          Thanks, I unistalled and than reinstalled AOL and it is fine…for now. If it happens again, AOL is bye-bye….

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          about every new release

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to REPLY

          breaks something critical on your system.

          The “recommendation” to the user before they brought it to me was to uninstall the current version and reinstall the previous version. Nice.

          If you LIKE AOL, knock yourself out. I would never recommend the service to anyone because it is way too over priced, and unless your piggybacking it on broadband, just way too slow.

          Glad we indirectly were able to help you.

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          by rk25hammer ·

          In reply to about every new release

          They person (my mom’s) who computer I am working on is am piggypbacking AOL or I would not let her use it. I Reinstalled AOL (as AOL suggested over the phone) after deleting all previus versions of AOL and guess what? It is still not working going thru AOL icon. It is working thru the Internet Explorer icon so at least I have a workaround until I can figure it out. I compared the Internet Explorer settings with the AOL settings and they are identical. I will try and see if my firewall is somehow blocking AOL web browsing. Thanks for the help.

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          LOL… help

          by ~omega~ ·

          In reply to about every new release

          I don’t know if getting it running is really “help”.

          I do know that most things windows can be fixed by ripping them out and starting over, especially AOL.

          Good luck. Sorry about all the complaining, but really, I think if you ask around, most technically inclined people have more bad things to say about AOL than good.

          My understanding is that for the best dial-up service, go through your telco provider. They are already making their money off providing your phone service, so they have less to gain by harrasing you with services they provide. Netzero, AOL, PeoplePC and I think even Earthlink (although I had them with no problems with them a few years ago) are all in it to try and find the best way to take the most amount of your money.

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          help indeed…

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to about every new release

          I feel like I just helped someone pull the plug on their respirator! 😀

          In tech, we are suppose to give the answers people need, not the answers they want! ;\

          Good luck getting over that AOL thing!

          BTW, have you ever read this?


          [i]”So easy to use, a retarded, lobotomized chimpanzee in a deep coma could figure it out! But since you’re actually considering this offer, go ahead and call our technical support. We know you’re going to need it. Frankly, we could use a good laugh!”

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