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IE not loading Windows update page.

By mattklump ·
Windows XP using IE6 SP1 w/ all updates. Can access most sites, but Windows Update site shows blank page and "Done" in the bottom-left corner. Having trouble with redirecting addresses and Java functions also. Possibly viral, but latest McAfee updated scan finds nothing. ME has done this same thing. Any advice?

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by Matrixcsl In reply to IE not loading Windows up ...


first thing to do is as you suggested check for virus. Download AVG Anti-Virus V7.0 Pro, trial version ( run this and see if it finds anything.

Failing that, I would remove and re-install IE (I know thats a pain, but could be IE problem). I suspect this will solve the problem. Do you have a firewall/any security software also, perhaps this could be stopping you from accessing certain areas of the Internet. Good luck.

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by w2ktechman In reply to IE not loading Windows up ...

I had a similar problem recently, but it was worse, some sites told me I needed to upgrade my browser to IE4 or above, I was running IE6SP1.
Funny, But my winupdate went to a page that just said Thank You, Windowsupdate can only be used for (listed OS's)
Anyway, after many reg hacks, and trials, I ended up doing a system restore to before I upgraded to IE6 SP1.

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by Digital_DNA In reply to IE not loading Windows up ...

I too have seen this problem. I resolved it by emptying the Temporary Internet files.. Also, delete cookies, and you may as well clear the history while your at it (unless you need that infromation for some reason)..


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by Power Natto In reply to IE not loading Windows up ...

I support everything in answer #3 but I would also clear out ALL *.temp and *.tmp files as well. If you want to keep your history and cookies, just get rid of the microsoft history and cookies.

Set cookies to "allow", turn off virus software and set security to medium or low. Then try again.

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by 1stladytech In reply to IE not loading Windows up ...

I would try running CWShredder, Ad Aware and Spybot Search and Destroy. It sounds like you have spyware that is making use of security flaws that it doesn't want fixed. You may have to download CWShredder on a different machine and then run it from a floppy, as it will also be blocked from displaying in IE. A google search will turn up several sites for downloading the above programs. has Ad Aware and SpyBot, but not cwshredder. Good Luck,


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by mflebeau In reply to IE not loading Windows up ...

I have had a similar problem. If you just installed an IE6 SP try reinstalling it. You may want to redownload it from the IE website. Make sure to do custom install and reselect all items. It will ask you then if you want to reinstall.
The other thing to check is the date/time on the PC
this does have an affect on the update page and any other secure site

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by DouglasB In reply to IE not loading Windows up ...

Make sure your system time and date are correct, if not, update won't work.

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