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IE & OE Lock Up

By arichart ·
I am running windows 98 on a network with a T1 and IE6 and OE6. For some reason, at random times as soon as I click on the IE shortcut and the webpage begins to load, the PC completely locks up. This happens every once in a while when trying to read my mail in Outlook Express as well. This doesn't seem to be a problem on any other machines on the network, just mine. Any ideas besides cleaning the Temp files, cache, and regular cleaning of the hard drive?

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by dmiles In reply to IE & OE Lock Up

Do you have Windows Messenger enabled on your system,this could be your problem when messenger starts to load,otherwise it could be any number of things

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by arichart In reply to

Doesn't seem to help (or hurt), but thanks!

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by TheChas In reply to IE & OE Lock Up

Check for an updated video driver.

I have seen a LOT of problems with W98 and IE6.
So many, that I no longer install IE6 on ANY W98 box!!!

If your video card has a new driver available, this might correct your problem.

I ran a memory manager on a W98 box with IE6, and every time a new browser window was opened, it lost at least 16K of RAM.

MemTurbo worked the best at keeping the PC running until I could wipe the drive and start over.
Now with IE 5.5 SP2 installed, I no longer crash, and do not have the memory leak.

If your video card does not have a driver that is less than 9 months old, your only options may be to:
Replace the video card

Drop back to IE 5.5
If you need to download IE 5.5, you can get the full package from the browser archive at


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by arichart In reply to

I had to reformat at one point, but about a week later, it started up again, but seems to be ok now. I think I have a POS PC. Thanks anyway!

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by arichart In reply to IE & OE Lock Up

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