IE Proxy Settings Dissapearing

By edwincampbell ·
I have an issue where the proxy settings in IE are dissapearing of random machines and for no reason.

This is not just restricted to 1 version of IE. The customer I am working with at the moment have a mix of IE 6/7/8 all patched up with the latest available patches.

All machines are in an AD and I have checked and tripple checked every GPO and made sure there are no IE Proxy settings being distributed. Another reason why this cannot be coming from AD is that it would affect every client, every 90 minutes. Where as this issue at it's highest has affected 110 clients in 1 day and usually sits around the 2-5 clients a day.

I have already checked that this is not a virus using Trends and we also have their malware/spyware scanners installed but nothing showing up. Also switched on their monitoring software which is monitors changes to settings by software and nothing seems to appear which would be unusual or in IE.

I would set up a series of GPO's to point clients at their local proxy for their site but that would interfere with laptop users who need to have no proxy settings while working from home.

We have a login script which sets the proxy and a logoff script which unsets the proxy. All machines have fast login disabled and we can see the login script run when they are logged into.

All clients with the problem are running Windows XP SP3 with all latest IE patched applied.

When this issue hits the "use proxy for your LAN" setting becomes unchecked and there are no details in the address and port fields. The settings have completly dissapeared.

We are in an environment where roaming profiles are used however this setting is generally client based not user profile based so I don't think this is an issue.

We have checked to see if any software is deployed to the clients just before the problem starts and can see nothing from our deployment servers or on the client event logs.

We have also checked all software on the machines and compared them to machines which have not shown the problem but the only common programs are standard Microsoft, Trends or smaller packages such as Quick Time. Nothing strange or interesting!

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