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    IE shortcut: “Cannot find FINDER.COM”


    by charliespencer ·

    I have a user running NT 4 SP6 and IE 6 with desktop shortcuts to web sites. These worked until today. Now when she double-clicks one she gets an error message “Cannot find FINDER.COM.” These sites open normally if I key in the URL in the Address box, or if I select them from the Favorites menu. Creating new shortcuts doesn’t fix the problem.

    I can’t find FINDER.COM on any other NT machine. I also can’t find references to it on the web, in newsgroups, or on Microsoft’s web site (Surprise!). I can find references to assorted home page hijackers with FINDER in the name (,,, etc.), but the home page hasn’t been hijacked and none of the other symptoms match. Everything seems to work except the shortcuts.

    Any clues? All answers will be rated! I promise! No, really, I mean it!

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      by antuck ·

      In reply to IE shortcut: “Cannot find FINDER.COM”

      When doing a search on Google I found this

      This appears to be a dating web site. Which could mean you have the dreaded garbage ware loaded on the system.

      I haven’t tried removing anything from a NT machine. Most of the tools I’m seeing any more are for 2K and XP. With a few 9x tools thrown in.

      More and more lately, I’m not seeing homepages being hijacked any more. Seems the hackers maybe catching on that when people see there homepage has changed, they know the garbage ware is there. I am seeing links being loaded all over desktops. Although, I haven’t seen where they change already exsiting shortcuts.

      When you are doing a search, are you being redirected to another search engine? Any pop-ups?

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        Reply To: IE shortcut: “Cannot find FINDER.COM”

        by charliespencer ·

        In reply to Reply To: IE shortcut: “Cannot find FINDER.COM”

        I have no idea why I didn’t do this first, since it is the obvious first step. Maybe I was tired and thinking even less clearly than usual.

        For some reason the antivirus files were not getting updated. As soon as I forced an updated, scanned the drive, and killed all the roaches, life was fine. It wasn’t a spyware issue exactly, but it was malware, and your suggestion reminded me I hadn’t even take the first basic steps. Thanks.

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      Reply To: IE shortcut: “Cannot find FINDER.COM”

      by toivo talikka ·

      In reply to IE shortcut: “Cannot find FINDER.COM”

      As Andy suggests, you may spyware and friends may have taken over the PC.

      Download an anti spyware product, e.g. SbyBot Search & Destroy from

      Make sure you update the definitions first before running a full scan. Please note that some functions need the local administrator rights in Windows NT.

      On Windows NT you cannot use Microsoft’s Windows AntiSpyware Beta version from which works for Windows versions from 2000 up.

      If you need more ammunition to fight spyware, I have some links and advice at

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      Reply To: IE shortcut: “Cannot find FINDER.COM”

      by charliespencer ·

      In reply to IE shortcut: “Cannot find FINDER.COM”

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