ie switches windows priority as they load

By brucelparsons ·
When I have more than one IE7 window open, as the page loads they keep switching back and forth between the loading windows. Or, for example, while viewing a PDF file (on my own computer) IE7 will take priority instead of loading a page in the background automaticly switching from the PDF to IE7.

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Are you meaning ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to ie switches windows prior ...

Having TWO tabs open within one instance of IE7 or do you mean having two INSTANCES of IE7 open with one tab open in each?

Have you tried using Firefox, because what you are describing doesn't happen in Firefox even with multiple instances of open tabs.

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by brucelparsons In reply to Are you meaning ...

I mean when I have either two instances of IE7 open or if I am doing something else while IE7 is loading. For example, if I am working on a Word document or, as previously mentioned, a PDF while waiting for a page to load in IE7, IE7 keeps taking priority and poping up over the Word document, PDF or other open IE7 window etc.

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If you are viewing a page with auto-refresh....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to ie switches windows prior ...

... the web page will take focus when refreshing. So, it depends on what page you're viewing that is causing this reaction. An improperly coded web page is probably behind the problem.

Can you give us an example of one of the pages that might be "loading" in the background while you are looking at a PDF file on your computer?

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see next

by brucelparsons In reply to If you are viewing a page ...

see the next reply

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see next

by brucelparsons In reply to If you are viewing a page ...
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see next

by brucelparsons In reply to If you are viewing a page ...
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Any page

by brucelparsons In reply to If you are viewing a page ...

It happens no matter what page is loading. I tried it now with various random pages from my favourites list and any of them act the same.
This page for example. I am having trouble submitting this answer. When I click on submit, I get a message that the web page cannot be found. When I click back and wait for the page to refresh to the "Post a reply" page I am I am trying to look at various PDF files through Windows explorer. However, when this page loads, it pops up over what I am doing.

(As can be seen by the three replys before this one, evidently the reply was posting even though I was getting a message that the page cannot be found.)

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This is common in IE.....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Any page

What is happening is that you have made an Internet request to display a web page, then left the window to view other things such as your PDF, taking the focus away from the window you've made the request in. When the Internet request finally comes back through to you, focus is returned to the browser window which you made the request in. And, that is normal behavior for IE, especially if you have a slow connection. As far as I know, there is no setting to make that behavior go away.

I haven't really had this problem in IE myself because I KNOW that when I've told the browser to go somewhere or do something (like refresh), I usually just wait until it does what I've requested or it times out. If it does happen though, I'm expecting it to happen. Not surprised by it.

You can try using FireFox as your browser. Old Microft says that it doesn't display this behavior (grab focus back when a page finally loads). I'm using it right now and, so far, it hasn't grabbed focus while I look at something else while a page loads. But, then again, I haven't had to wait for very many pages tonight.


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Only happens on my home computer

by brucelparsons In reply to This is common in IE.....

Thanks. That is what is happening for sure, however, it only happens on my home computer not my computer here at work. You mentioned a connection with a slow connection - I do have dialup at home and a cable connection here at work so that would seem to substantiate that observation.

What I am wondering if anyone knows any setting in IE& that will allow me to control that unwanted behaviour.

Failing that, I guess that I could install FireFox at home. I don't need to use IE there as I do at work.

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FireFox can handle multiple simultaneous tabs without shifting focus ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Any page

So that might be your best route for a solution.

I also use FoxIT PDF Suite which can be run from within a Firefox TAB, and if I send multiple TABS off to open things on the web, then switch to viewing a PDF - all that happens is that each other TAB indicates the individual progress of that TAB, in the TAB itself (not by opening and re-focussing the tabbed page).

My experience of using ANY implementation of IE is limited to Windows Updates, which thankfully can now be achieved via Firefox.

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