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IE then Explorer then Windows then Windows install

By tony_gillham ·
That is the order in which I lost function on a PC yesterday. First off IE would open home page but would hang if I asked it to do anyhting else. Then Explorer started crapping out. Then my attempts to uninstall IE through the CP were unsuccessful - it just wouldn't go away. So I decided to bite the bullet and re-install Windows.

The installation got about halfway through and hung. Any attempts to reboot etc. just restart windows installation at the same point (where it hangs).

What can I do next? System restore? or what? and how?

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Well start off by stopping what you are doing

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to IE then Explorer then Win ...

As it's not getting you anywhere. Now did you save your DATA off the HDD before you started doing things? If you did you can try wiping the HDD entirely an install to what Windows thinks is a new HDD by using a utility that writes zero's to every sector of the HDD and makes everything unreadable so there can be no problems left over from a previous install.

You can down load Boot & Nuke from here

I would also suggest that you get a copy of the Ultimate Boot CD available here

and run some Diagnostics paying particular attention the the HDD and RAM though a full CPU and M'Board test wouldn't hurt either.

Just to make sure that the system is actually working you could try loading a Live Linux this runs off a CD/DVD an has no impact at all on any installed OS while Knoppix is the best to trouble shoot Windows Installs you may find something else suits you better. There are quite a few different Distro's available here

If you still have no joy try swapping out the Power Supply with a Known Good one and see if that makes things better.


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