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    IE Tool Bar problems


    by petryss ·

    I lost my internet explorer toolbar. I tried right clicking in the vacant area of the tool bar but nothing shows up. Also, when I try to go into internet options in control panel it just does a quick flick and then nothing opens. Just sitting there with the cp icons.
    I also just noticed my right click button isn’t working period as I right clicked to copy this post and I get nothing.

    What have I done?

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      by petryss ·

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      Got good AV software?

      by robo_dev ·

      In reply to IE Tool Bar problems

      What version Windows, what version IE?

      Since many viruses and malware infect Internet Exploder, having the toolbar go away sounds like a potential malware symptom.

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      Reset IE

      by paulhelp21 ·

      In reply to IE Tool Bar problems

      A quick way to fix this is to reset IE back to default settings. Select Tools (the spoke icon), then Internet Options, then Advanced, then Reset. Like the post above, download and run a full virus scan to rule out any malware effects.

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      If you have your Menu Bar showing,

      by Wizard57M-TR ·

      In reply to IE Tool Bar problems

      you can try clicking on View, then Toolbars, and see which ones are selected.
      If the Menu Bar is not showing, try pressing ALT + V to pull up the View Menu,
      then highlight Toolbars.

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