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    ie unable to display website on ie


    by randogg12 ·

    on my desktop i keep getting “unable to display website” when running internet explorer. the internet works fine with the wireless set-up i have. i thought my original PC was old so i purchased a new desktop PC and it continues to give me the same message when i try to get on websites. if i refresh the page multiple time it sometimes opens and then gives the message again.

    i tried new wired to PC. i tried reseting modem and router and nothing seems to work on the desktop. my laptop runs fine with wireless connection.

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      by randogg12 ·

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      Is your desktop PC wired or wireless?

      by peconet tietokoneet ·

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      Here are a few to try out:

      Try clearing your cookies, your temporary internet files and your browsing history.

      Open internet explorer and go to menu “TOOLS”, then go to “INTERNET OPTIONS”. Go to the “CONNECTION” tab and click on “SETTINGS” tab, then you have to uncheck the use of “proxy server” for this connection and click ok. Also tick the “Automatically detect LAN Connection” box and then shutdown and then restart IE and see if it works.

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      Go to Tools\Internet Options and the Advanced tab.

      by ron k. ·

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      Choose the button that says, “Reset” and reset all of IE’s options to the software’s defaults. I had to do that very thing tonight to be able to login here at TR.

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