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IE v6.0 freezes when linking to other websites

By leecherous ·
I have a 533 MHZ Pentium III, 40GB HDD, 384MB RAM, Windows XP Pro Computer using IE v6 (SP2) and Outlook Express. I use Surewest's Phone Line DSL access through a Router which is not shared by any other PC. My PC is clean, defragged, and free from viruses and spyware. Norton Antivirus and Internet Security are installed. I have difficulty, once logged into a website, linking to other websites from the original website ... e.g. Accessing a Real Estate Website, I usually link to other affiliate sites. About the 2nd or 3rd link, IE freezes up. I cannot access any other site nor can I perform any functions or utilities using Windows. If I wait 3 to 10 minutes, the freeze clears up, and I can continue with the normal linking routine. If I proceed to link further into other websites, freezing usually occurs as a result. I have run, through a friend's suggestion, Windows Utility, "SFC /scannow" System File Checker, but that did not help matters. I can always access any website's home page once the freeze clears up. This freezing problem will erupt while accessing any website after the 1st or 2nd link within the website. I must add that this problem occurred prior to SP2's installation. I formally had SP1 installed, and the results were the same. I have not tried uninstalling IE v6 and reinstalling it in fear of losing all of my "Favorites" and possibly clearing out OE folders, Inbox, address book, etc. What can I do to resolve this annoying problem?

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