IE very slow to open but no problem afterwards

By rc0107 ·
I have a Gateway running XP Media Center. Lately, it takes a long time (>2 min) to open Internet Explorer (either first time, or open a new page). But once the page is open, it is pretty normal to do any internet related things. Any idea? Thanks.

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by townsend_ericjohn In reply to IE very slow to open but ...

I would suggest reinstalling IE. It should work better after that.

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IE very slow to open but no problem afterwards

by Professor-X In reply to IE very slow to open but ...

Hey mate,

try this...

start, settings, control panel, internet options, Connections tab

Click LAN SETTINGS at the bottom.

You will see 3 check boxes. Make sure that NONE of the boxes are checked. Sometimes IE will try to detect a proxy that can really slow it down initially.

Then move on over to the Advanced Tab.
Uncheck Automatically Check for Internet updates.
Then make sure that under the Security section Use SSL 2.0, and 3.0 are checked.

Hope those help, if not tell me and ill try harder.

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to soza@...

by rc0107 In reply to IE very slow to open but ...

Thanks for your effort. I followed your instruction carefully and found that my computer already had all the settings you described. So that doesn't seem to be the problem.

When I open IE, the default home page (in my case iGoogle) shows up right away but it stays inactive while it is trying to retrieve something. Once it becomes active, within the window internet works normally. But if you open up a new page in the process, the same thing happens: takes longer than 2 min for the new window to become active.

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Another source of slowdowns

by ctrservices In reply to IE very slow to open but ...

can be too many tmp files. Do a search for *.tmp (*.temp on some pc's) on the C drive and delete everything it finds. (Although, if you are running a third-party firewall, there may be a few files in use which you can't delete, since these are in use.)

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same problem!!

by mmassaro In reply to IE very slow to open but ...

I'm getting this SAME problem! I am totally stuck on what it can be. i've ran a virus/spyware check - nothing. cleared my cache - checked those things that were mentioned earlier in this thread..nothing...

it just opens and hangs for MINUTES but then everything works fine... but its SUPER annoying! especially if you're clicking a link and it goes to open a new window...then you're stuck.

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same problem

by rc0107 In reply to same problem!!

I ended up re-loading the operating system which was a pain but did solve that little and very annoying problem.

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about the add-ons

by joseph shi In reply to same problem!!

i guess the problems might be about the add-ons. once you re-install the IE, the add-ons will be deleted, and the speed of loading could be faster. so, for speed up, you can just delete those unnecessary add-ons

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zombie alert!

by PurpleSkys In reply to about the add-ons

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