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By kurtasha ·
anyone can tell me best way to disable internet explorer to block internet use on a networked pc i was thinking to put a wrong DNS ip under networking will this work?

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more information

by apotheon In reply to IE

Are you trying to keep other users from accessing the Web at all, or are you just trying to keep IE from accessing the web without the user's permission? The "best" solution will depend upon your specific needs.

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more specific

by kurtasha In reply to more information

its a pc on the shop floor used for some packaging functions and the users using this pc for day to day work manage to sneak some internet surfing so to be more specific is to stop employees surfing the net on company time.

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Is any network access required?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to more specific

If the packaging application doesn't require network access, you could remove the computer from the network and unplug the cable.

If you're having this problem, you may want to also disable the floppy and CD drives in the BIOS, and use a BIOS password.

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a few things to try

by jdclyde In reply to IE

don't put in a gateway address.
put in an fake gateway address.

Either of these will still give full access to the LAN. Messing with DNS might not allow full LAN functionality.

Another thing that will help stop novice users is to remove all icons for IE.

Do you use Active Directory?

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that wont work

by kurtasha In reply to a few things to try

cant remove pc from network it connects to a server running SQL database where information is stored after each shift.

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