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By Mr. Origami ·
Arrgh! I don't know what I installed (MS hotfix or what) to make my browser do this! On some web pages with specific words, the phrase gets underlined with a thick gold bar and when I roll-over it, the background of the phrase turns yellow. I can click it and it takes me to another page. But - this is not a normal link! On pages I create myself with just a text phrase, it still turns into this weird auto-link. As an example, if I go to:
Look at the top left line reading "A premium, comprehensive, Perl shopping cart." The phrase "shopping cart" is not a link - but in my browser, it is underlined with a thick gold line and when clicked, I go to:

If I go here:
The 2nd sentence in the top paragrapg starts ". If you would like more specialized help with OSHA Compliance,..." Well - the phrase "OSHA compliance" in underlined and if clicked, I go to:

Now - I know that OSHA link should not be there because this is a site that I am developing myself! What is going on?! I have looked all over my IE prefs and can't find anything. I've cleared all cookies. I've rebooted. I've looked through Add/RemovePrograms to see if something was installed. How do I disable this?

As a side note - by hitting F5 and refreshing the page, those links disappear. But the next visit to the page, they're back.

This is Win98SE, IE 5.00.2**9.6307

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