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    IE6 Browsing probelm with DNS


    by meraj ·

    We have satellite internet access. whenever IE6 displays the message “The page cannot be displayed” or “Cannot find server or DNS error” I simply move down the preferred DNS to Alternate DNS and Alternate becomes Preferred in the TCP/IP properties of win2000 pro. Is there any way that IE switch by itself instead manually Swithching the DNS. Could anybody help me to overcome with this problem.

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      Reply To: IE6 Browsing probelm with DNS

      by rewrite ·

      In reply to IE6 Browsing probelm with DNS

      Your provider should be providing the dns server info if necessary and w2k should automatically use the alternate it the primary is ineffectual.

      On my system I do not name any dns info. I have the “Obtain dns server address automatically” checked and have no problems. If your provider allows this, try that.

      If you are using a router try changing the primary dns server ip address to the router’s address. I have done this in a number of sites to resolve dns errors.

      Otherwise you might want to use different dns servers (it sounds like you are having problems reaching yours). There are a number of public dns servers you can use (I have done this in the past also just to see how good they were and never had any problems). Here’s a link to a site with public dns servers:

      but if you do a search there are many more.



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      Reply To: IE6 Browsing probelm with DNS

      by bfilmfan ·

      In reply to IE6 Browsing probelm with DNS

      Set a forwader on your DNS to the satellite. Then when your internal DNS cannot route the request, it will be forwarded to the satellite.

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      DNS Error

      by aansh_1234 ·

      In reply to IE6 Browsing probelm with DNS

      About your DNS error Page, You have to check :
      1. check your server status (on or off) and Check your DNS Sever address(DNS from your Provider) <--- Ping to DNS Server Address from your PC. if dns ping is : a. RTO (Request Time Out) -Check your DNS Status ( Running or not running)---> check from server if you using server or router. if u using pc in office, ask your friend about other PC in seam connection.. problem or not.. if your friend is connect ( no problems), try to reset dns in your PC, and test PING to other PC in your connection without internet. and if your friend is cannot connect to internet like you.. report this problem to admin or your ISP.
      – re setting DNS Server in your Server and restart your pc.
      b. your DNS Server is Reply …. buty cannot browsing.
      – try to browsing using othet Browser (mozilla, Internet Exsplore, opera) if seam problem disply <----- try to restart your router, proxy, bandwith manager if you using its. if still error.. reset your dns, or call your Server Admin or ISP (internet Service Provider). if when you are using other browser, and your browsing is fine or no problems.. try to clean your pc for viruses infected, like Trojan or other Viruses. Thanks, I hope can be resolve your probles.

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