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IE6 Disconnecting

By jhuffman ·
I have WinXP Pro/sp2 <fully updated>, 1gb RAM, using ZoneAlarm free as the firewall and Norton's Systemworks 2003 (fully updated) as the antivirus. I also run Adaware SE Pro and Microsoft Antispyware, which neither detects any spyware.

After opening IE, and then I go to shutdown or reboot, I get a popup saying that IEXPLORE.EXE will close in so many seconds. The counter will count down, but it does NOT close the popup. I have to do this manually. This will occur as many times as IE has been opened and closed. IE is NOT open when I start the shutdown procedure, but seems to be running in the background.

I have checked Microsoft knowledge base and checked the event log. Both of these say there is no known events of this happening. I have seen in postings in usenet where others are having this same issue, but no one has offered a cause or solution to the problem.

Another issue that I think is related is in Outlook Express. At times when I click a link from either an email or newsgroup, OE will lock up. I can overcome or at least reduce the occurrances of this by keeping IE open.

Any help solving this problem would be greatly appreciated. Thank You

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HiJack This

by BFilmFan In reply to IE6 Disconnecting

Run HiJackThis and get a log of what processes are running that might be hidden.

It is possible to hide registry entries and processes.

This sounds like malware or a trojan that is slipping past the scanners.

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I might have a possible solution

by dbucyk In reply to IE6 Disconnecting

What is sounds like to me is that there is a problem with Internet Explorer 6 and XP SP2 are fighting somehow on the particular memory space that is present.

Internet Explorer 6 does not want to let go of that memory space and there is not much you can do.

The first thing I'd try is to ask yourself. When was the last time the computer worked. Try to remember the last thing you did before it didn't work.

You'll have come to the problem. Now if it is the upgraded SP2, then you'll have to run drwatson.exe (if it is still present in Windows XP.

This will tell you what to particular areas of memory are being affected.

Check in device manager to see that everything is not conflicting.

Once you find the culprit, do whatever necessary steps after that to fix the problem.

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by jhuffman In reply to IE6 Disconnecting

"Run HiJackThis and get a log of what processes are running that might be hidden"
Strange you should mention HiJackThis. About 2 months ago I did run HiJackThis and I saw nothing in it that was suspicious to me, so I sent the log from it to "" to be analyzed. After 3 or 4 weeks with NO response from them, I did NOT check them anymore, therefore I don't know if they ever responded or not.

"The first thing I'd try is to ask yourself. When was the last time the computer worked?" To tell the truth, I am NOT sure on this install of XP, it ever worked properly, it only got worse. This install was done in July 2005. With the amount of software installed, a clean reinstall of XP is NOT something I relish doing again.

"Run drwatson.exe".. Yes DrWatson does still exist in WinXP and I will run it to see what info can provide.

"Check in device manager to see that everything is not conflicting." Everything is showing good. There are NO yellow markers of any kind.

I will let you know if Drwatson comes up with anything.

Thank you

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by jhuffman In reply to

I ran DrWatson and it showed 3 errors. NONE had to do IE. They were all application errors that I have installed.

The log had a lot of information about stack dumps which I have no clue what the code displayed means LOL.

I also installed EasyClean for cleaning the registry. When I ran it, it found 147 registry errors and I had it clean those. So far I have seen NO difference in XP operations.

The IE issue still exists and I am no closer to finding the cause or a fix.

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Get rid of IE and Outlook

by NZBN In reply to

I used to have never ending troubles with outlook and IE so I have thrown them in the bin, I now run Firefox Browser and Mozilla Thunderbird Mail. A full year with no crashed mail and no browser problems has been bliss.
Everything can be imported so there is no worries with the change.

Download the latest trial version of NOD32 from

Go into the settings and make sure all of the boxes are ticked under the setup tab. Run it on all of your drives. If you have something it will find it, if it finds nothing you can get Mozilla and firefox from that page also.

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by jhuffman In reply to Get rid of IE and Outlook

"Firefox Browser"
I have about 150 reasons NOT to switch from IE. I create webpages for clients and about 90% of them require their webpages to display correctly in IE.
I have used Firefox <have it installed on two PCs infact>. In approximately 10 years this is the first real issue I have had with IE. The major issues I have had with IE is the outside influences such as the idiot <judge> that required MS to stop using their VM software and users to use Sun's VM software. That did NOT hurt MS, but in my opinion Sun's software is a piece of crap.
Thanks of you input.

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Re: IE

by NZBN In reply to

Fair enough :), Did NOD32 find anything on your PC?
Have you tried a re-installing IE?
If that doesnt fix it are you able to run a windows recovery without damaging your data (data on one partition windows on another) ?

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by jhuffman In reply to Re: IE

That did NOT find anything either and I have used many online virus programs beside Nortons which is installed.

I have not tried to reinstall IE. After working with this for a time now, I can't but think there is a conflict somewhere. Does that involve IE or two or more other programs :), who the heck knows.

Right now I am to the point of buying a new Hard Drive and installing XP from the start and use this HD until I get everything reinstalled. I use moblile trays for the HDs, so that makes it very easy to do.

The only thing is: In usenet for Windows XP, I have seen other ppl post with the same problem and NO ONE has come up with a solution or cause.

Have a great day :)

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Remove SP2

by scott.jordan In reply to

Try removing SP2 and see if the behavior continues.

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Yes, I agree

by dbucyk In reply to IE6 Disconnecting

With XP (SP2), there has been so many problems with the OS and remove SP2. Wait a little while, at least two weeks or longer, for Microsoft to fix the problem.

Just because it is fully updated, doesn't mean it will work 100%. Check with the HCL list with Microsoft to see if your hardware is also having a problem.

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