IE6 Opening New Windows

By ShadowVein ·

We're having a problem with a client's laptop, specifically IE6.

When you type a URL into the address bar and press enter a new instance of IE is opened with that URL, while the original stays at its current page. I've gone over every setting I can find to turn this off with no success. This continual opening of new windows is affecting her ability to use our remote access system, as the logon process fails when the browsers are continually reopened.

Does anyone know how I can turn this off?


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See if this helps

by Jacky Howe In reply to IE6 Opening New Windows

Go to tools ,intertnet options ,advanced ,in the list you will see reuse window when opening new page , make sure that it is checked it so that it uses the same window.

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Still nothing

by ShadowVein In reply to See if this helps

Thanks True Blue, unfortunately no success. I'm hoping it's some obscure setting hidden away somewhere, coz I'll be kicking myself if it's something blatantly obvious.

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Only other thing

by Jacky Howe In reply to Still nothing

that I can think of is this. It looks like something has been corrupted. It may have been caused by an update.

Try a repair for IE6. Go to Add/Remove and choose Internet Explorer and then choose the Repair option.

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