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    IE6 “Preparing to Install” Box


    by teocuitlatl ·

    I hope this is the easiest question of the day. Everytime I open a new browser window for IE6, I get the message “Preparing to install”–it doesn’t say what it is preparing to install, but goes away quickly, and after about 1-3 seconds the browser opens and the rest of its performance is fine.

    This is a reasonably quick Windows XP with all updates through microsoft update and no other evident problems. It is secured by one of the name brand anti-virus program, although this problem may trace to a recent overly ambitous update by that program. It also has anti-spyware installed.

    Any ideas?


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      Reply To: IE6 “Preparing to Install” Box

      by chris ·

      In reply to IE6 “Preparing to Install” Box

      Are you running any Microsoft Office applications such as Excel, Word, or Outlook? If so, do these applications give you the same “Preparing to Install” dialog box? I’ve come across this with Microsoft office products and the problem is usually resolved by re-installing MS Office.

      Another cause could actually be a Microsoft update that caused some strange/unintended behavior in IE6. To check this go to Add/Remove Programs, click on “Show Updates” and remove any hotfixes that have been installed around the time you noticed the behavior. Reboot and see if this fixes the problem.

      On more idea: Since you say you’re not experiencing any performance problems, the box goes away quickly, and you have spyware protection installed… the problem could be a piece of spyware that is trying to install but has been crippled by your anti-spyware. I’ve seen instances where an anti-spyware application dealt with a piece of spyware but left remnants on the machine that caused all sorts of odd behavior.

      Good Luck!

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      Reply To: IE6 “Preparing to Install” Box

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to IE6 “Preparing to Install” Box

      I would first make sure that your Spy Ware Scanners are up to date and then boot into [b]Safe Mode[/b] and run both the AV & Spy Ware Scanners.

      It’s possible that something loaded into the Windows Kernel is not being removed during routine scans when in Normal Mode but this will be quite easily removed in Safe Mode.


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      Reply To: IE6 “Preparing to Install” Box

      by teocuitlatl ·

      In reply to IE6 “Preparing to Install” Box

      One good observation was to think about updates installed about the time I noticed the problem. I looked into a few things and uninstalled the google toolbar (and google desk top search). The problem got worse–two or three preparing to install boxes would appear. Then I uninstalled Earthlink Total Access. The problem disappeared entirely and instantly. I then reinstalled google DeskTop Search and Earthlink Total Access and the problem did not return.

      Thanks for the range of ideas–the right action was found within them….

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      Preparing to install

      by bpjensen.holmen ·

      In reply to IE6 “Preparing to Install” Box

      To avoid the message “preparing to install”: uninstall office using the free uninstaller “Revo uninstaller” and let it clean up the registry and remaining files. Then i added extra cleaning with “Registry Mechanic” or another registry program (probably not needed). The reinstall office. I also had the the message “missing stdole32.tbl” in Excel. It did not come up any more.

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