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IE6 Printer Problem

By rirwin69 ·
I am running WIN98 with IE6. When on the web and trying to print the web page displayed, it prints with portions of the words cut off. I am printing to an HP laserjet 5/5M. I thought it may be a printer driver, but the same exact page prints fine with Netscape. All other programs also print fine. I can copy the web page into Word and it also prints fine.

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by TheChas In reply to IE6 Printer Problem

This is a 'feature' of IE.

Netscape and Word scale the web page to fit the paper when printing.

IE does not.


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by Joseph Moore In reply to IE6 Printer Problem

Yeah, Chas is right. IE does not wrap text or anything on a webpage when you print it.
Always do a File -> Print Preview to see if the page will come out OK or not before you print.
I print many things in Landscape when I print from IE.
But to be honest, I usually just copy from the IE window and paste into Word before I print. Just a heck of a lot easier.

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by rirwin69 In reply to IE6 Printer Problem

If this is a feature of IE6, then why would the same web page on a different computer using IE6, print correctly to the same printer.

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