IE6 problem

By Gkiss ·
I have a couple of W2K units that lately are constantly rebooting after getting on the net. The users can surf for a little bit, then randomly click on any link and the machine simly re-boots. If you don't go on the Net, the units are working finr.Nothing has been recently added to these units.I scanned for viruses, trojans - clean. Hot fixes are up to date.
Any idea would be greatly appreciated!

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Very odd problem

by TechExec2 In reply to IE6 problem

Very odd problem. It sounds like malware or a hardware problem. Since the two computers work fine except for web surfing, and are both exhibiting the "same" problem, it is probably not hardware. That leaves malware that your scanners don't know about yet. Since the reboots are directly associated with clicking on a link in IE6, it is probably spyware tracking your movements online.

You know, Microsoft does not provide all the same updates for Windows 2000 as for Windows XP.


1. Rebuild (Windows and applications) one/both computers and see if the problem improves.

2. Try Mozilla Firefox and see if the problem improves (1). If it is malware, it is probably IE-specific. Note: Firefox has been my primary browser for over 2 years now and I have never looked back.

3. Upgrade to Windows XP.

(1) Mozilla Firefox (highly recommended)

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by Gkiss In reply to Very odd problem

...for taking your time to reply. I wanted to avoid the W2K rebuild, but I guess I can't put it off any longer. Firefox is not an option for us - corporate guidelines.
Thanks again,

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uninstall and reinstall IE components

by w2ktechman In reply to Thanks...

You should not need to rebuild the system over this. Uninstall IE updates (add/remove programs), uninstall IE (add/remove win components). reboot.

then re-install them

Also, it may be BSOD (blue screening), in which case you will need to see the error. The best way is to uncheck "reboot after error"
Control Panel -- System -- Advanced -- Startup and recovery (settings button) -- in the system failure area

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Thanks for your time

by Gkiss In reply to uninstall and reinstall I ...

I did the IE reinstall and so far so good. I Also find a different full version of a Cleaner program that find a couple of trojans and cleaned them (SpyBot did not find the same things).
Thanks again for taking your time to help.

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