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IE6, reboot to resolve DNS

By mtrox ·
I'm sorry, know I've seen this answer somewhere before. I've had some clients (all on the same local ISP) have trouble where they can browse the net for a while, then suddenly they cannot resolve DNS. They can ping IP addresses, even browse sites by IP address, but the only way to solve the problem is to reboot. Then they can browse again for a while.

I know the answer has something to do with the ISP blocking certain ports. You can go to a certain number of sites before you start hitting those ports.....something like that. I'm sure someone knows what I'm talking about. Is the answer to just flush DNS? I don't remember.


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by sgt_shultz In reply to IE6, reboot to resolve DN ...

when this happens to me it is usually because my isp is fiddling with their dns servers and i have to reboot my dsl router to pick up the new configuration. not my computer. i don't know what the heck they are doing, blocking ports or moving servers or what. wish i did.
but the fix is not at the computer, betcha. probably could do a reset of router FROM computer, thru the web browser interface. might be interesting checking the Status page whilst there to see what dns it thinks it has...
if it had nice command language like cisco you could sent it precise dns flush type commands i bet but my little home office router can only be 'reset'...or 'Connected'.
when i had this problem on my little work network using dsl i solved it a couple ways. i called my phone company and talked to the router support guys and asked what did they think. we established i was using the latest firmware. we had my dsl line tested and it was fast fast fast. they asked me about any switches i had in my setup. i did have some switches, which made them recommend another brand router. they did not care what switched i had, only that i had them, wasn't that interesting?
following their suggestions, this is what i did. 1: i kept a log of the times i needed to reboot the router. piece of paper taped to router. this made it look like progress...
2. i put the dsl router on a battery backup (ups).
3. i enabled a 'auto reconnect' option that was in my router interface.
all this helped quite a lot. but not all the way.
my router firmware was already up to the latest.
it didn't really fix things all the way tho. i realized i was using same isp at home with no problems like this. i brought my cheapie cisco router from home and hooked it up and we were rock solid. try ebay for one....
so then for my workplace i bought the cheapest new cisco dsl router i could find. (they are not cheap) because get year of cisco tech support. oooooohhhh... and ...problem is solved

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by mtrox In reply to IE6, reboot to resolve DN ...

Thanks Schultz but no, it's rebooting the computer that does it. A DNS flush would probably work too but I didn't test that. I has something to do with the ISP blocking a series of ports. After a clean boot and a few DNS lookups, you get the series of blocked ports. If you kept doing lookups long enough you would get past the blocked ports in the stack and then be good.

I'm not with the client now or on their ISP so can't test it. Anyone else seen this one?

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by CG IT In reply to IE6, reboot to resolve DN ...

I've not seen it and if its an ISP problem, you should check the agreement the client signed up for. Most ISPs have a minimum quarrantee of service and if you can not access the internet [which you pay them to be able to do] it's their problem not your client and your client should be intitled to some monetary relief because of unavailability of service. If its a configuration error on the part of the client, the ISP has instructions for setting up a connection to provide internet service. Check witht the ISP. Most don't block ports unless its a cable provider which typically do not allow servers on consumer routes [to much overhead on the segment which reduces available bandwidth which impacts users experience e.g. slow web, which in turn inpacts their agreement with the consumers = loss revenue].

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