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IE6 & XP acting strange

By len ·
I have a network of 10 pc's (7 running XP SP1, 2 XP SP2 and one Win2000).

Three machines now have the following symptoms;

Certain pages do not load. They appear blank with the word 'Done' in the lower left corner. and Windows Update are two web sites that do not display.

When you clink on 'About Internet Explorer' the data that usually displays is empty. No version number; cipher strength or Product ID number. The titles are there, just no data.

Another strange occurance is that all three machines display a blank window when you try the System Restore. There is nothing to select.

I have tried to reinstall IE6 SP1 but it gets to a point where it says the logo is not approved and installation will not continue (grrr, Microsoft not approving of it's own product). I was installing it on a XP SP1 machine so it should have been ok (but had to edit the registry to get it to accept a version it insisted was older).

I have autoupdate off so I can phase in SP2 a little at a time. The server is a Win2000 Back Office and we access the internet directly via a DSL hub and not through the server.

We recently installed Norton Anti-virus Corporate Edition on the server and that is the only software changes we made. I have uninstalled the virus software to see if this would help but it has not.

I've spent days in Internet Tools tweaking and playing with the settings but don't think this is the problem (why does 'About Internet Explorer' appear blank if it is a web site issue?

Thanks for any advice!

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had it this morning, this works

by mahlonG In reply to IE6 & XP acting strange

Click Start, Run and type the following commands one by one and press Enter




or try this:;en-us;318378

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by johnc In reply to had it this morning, this ...

When I posted my first reply I did not bother reading the others.

The problem was caused when Norton Anti virus was removed, not by the installation of the corporate Symantec AV.

I am just pleased that there is a simple solution.

We had problems with computers in five offices around the country. Thank goodnes for remote admin!!!



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Thanks mahlonG

by skmarshalldesign In reply to had it this morning, this ...

You're my hero today, I had been fighting the same problem (which in this case included IE not being able to print) and this fix worked the magic.
Thanks again!

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Same problem

by johnc In reply to IE6 & XP acting strange

I have encountered exactly the same proble. I thought it was SP2 that had caused the problem but we have also installed Symantec Corporate Anti virus, but as a stand alone. In addition if you go to 'Search' the page is blank.

I cannot help but only empathise.

This has occured with three computers on one site and two on another.

John Callaghan

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could be a virus

by jhansen In reply to IE6 & XP acting strange

You have stated several symptoms of new worms coming out lately. If you start the computer in safe mode and it still has the behavior, then your problem lies on the OS level as no extra programs are loaded. I would suggest to try loading computers in safe mode and if they still exhibit the same problems, i would then assume OS corruption and do a REIMAGE of all the affected systems. If the problem does not exist in safe mode, then you may have the virus/spyware/malicious program hijacking your computers. In which case the reimage may be the way to go anyway.

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IE 6 problem

by SamTheDon In reply to IE6 & XP acting strange

The main problem u r facing is that of corrupted OS.Secondly,to try to repair the os's will not work,then u may have to format the drive as it is corrupted the system.inf file,as well as several other system application files.try repair from should work.....

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